WAAAAY More Than Fashion-The DMD Fashion Show

Last week I introduced you to my models for the Goodwill Industries NY/NJ Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) Fashion Show in conjunction with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities.

In case you’re just tuning in I was one of a handful of bloggers asked to style 3 brilliant models with visible and non-visible disabilities in business attire for a fashion show honoring National Disability Awareness Month.

image provided by goodwill

Above is the whole gang! Models, bloggers and organizers.

(Back Row L-R 1. Jordan Paredes, DMD mentee with Bank of America and CityGroup, 2. Felicia Rivers, Rehabilitation Technician, Goodwill’s Prevocational Program 3. Lincoln Scott, Clean Team member, Goodwill’s Astoria Headquarters4. Patsy Sbano, Peer Advocate, Goodwill’s Adult self help program 5. Monica Bartley, DMD mentee with NYC Department of Finance 6. Cait Weiss, Social Media Consultant & Content Director for A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj and Where the Goodwill Goes, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. 7. Athena Monk, Goodwill’s Retail Production staff member 8. Yesenia Salva, Quality Assurance Specialist, Goodwill’s Prevocational Program 9. Emme Bonilla, featured contributor to A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj 10. Kim Blackwood, Community Development Specialist, Goodwill’s Prevocational Program 11. Robin Wallace, Thrifty.Vintage.Chic 12. Joe Montanez, Goodwill’s Retail staff member 14. Martha Jackson, Director – Marketing and VIP Career Services, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. 15. Jose Medillin, Director of Communications, Goodwill Industries NY/NJ. Front Row L-R 1. Patrice J. Williams, Looking Fly on a Dime 2. Craig Wallenstein, Job developer/placement consultant, BCID 4. Jamillah , made-to-travel 5. Blair Wing, Actress – DMD mentee with Roundabout Theaterr6. Kimberlee Van Der Wall: I Have a Degree in This!)
Now! My models!

Oh Patsy! He was the biggest cheerleader all night. Ecstatic in the Armani suit and Marc Jacobs tie I pulled for him in the Goodwill East Harlem store. He kept singing I Got the Moves Like Jagger! Such a great spirit that Patsy. So thrilled he was my male model.

Felicia BEFORE


Felicia is literally sunshine, the happiest and most positive type of person there is. And she’s a stunner in this dress from Target, blazer by Ann Taylor, and Nine West shoes all thrifted from Goodwill East Harlem.

One of the points I was trying to get across is not to be afraid to add fun to your 9-5 wear by adding color and texture. This gem colored purple dress goes from day to evening easily, but really I think it’s her smile that makes her whole look. Felicia told me she felt so great and so happy in her outfit.

Back story! I really could not get out of work early enough to dress my models and Felicia’s rack got a little disheveled. I had pulled the below outfit which I kind of felt in my heart she would pick. Being a young, super pretty, super sexy woman I knew Felicia would love the leopard, and she DID! All the models got to take outfits home and after a lot of debate and parading around the below dress I pulled from East Harlem Goodwill is what Felicia ended up choosing.

Athena BEFORE!


Athena was the only model I actually got to pull with. She works at the Goodwill East Harlem store and she is adored by everyone. We had a great time pulling clothes! When I first met Athena I asked her how she wanted to look and she exclaimed, “I want to look really NICE!!!!” And so I put her in this vintage velvet dress with a multi-strand necklace. The texture and richness of the dress is amazing and throwing this cardigan over it made it work appropriate. She was such a fun model to work with!

And here are some pics from the event.

Top-waiting audience; below models prepping :)


I LOVE this image of Athena, it’s totally a moment. It was after the show and she jumped up and said YAY!

Everyone on the runway at the end of the show :).

Oh friends! I had the best time! The energy was so positive and happy. All the models looked fantastic and were super excited about their outfits.

It’s crazy because I took away something incredibly profound from the DMD Fashion Show. Clothing is waaaaaay more than fashion. I don’t know if I can describe the empowerment and happiness the models evoked; from getting their makeup done to being styled by us bloggers to getting asked for a million pictures, I heard more than once that they were going to remember this forever…and really it made me so so happy.

Thank you again to Goodwill NY/NJ for allowing me to be a part of the DMD Fashion Show. It was an amazing night!

If you’d like to see more pictures (there’s much more to see) head over HERE and if you’d like to read the Goodwill coverage head over HERE.


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