Last Minute Costumes from Your Closet

Happy Friday, friends. It’s nearly that time of year! Last minute costumes from my closet have kind of become a Halloween tradition for me, lol.  In case you can’t tell, I’m a bouquet (inspiration here)! While I love dressing up, I absolutely hate wasteful Halloween costumes, so I always head to my closet first! I really love my bouquet costume and will probably improve it for this year, so get excited for a full tutorial next Halloween! In the meantime there… View Post

Costumes from Your Closet

ZOMG! Halloween is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it?! If you know me you know I love a reason to be in costume–time to have fun, stretch those creative muscles and wear something you can’t wear in real life–sign me up! But I hate to be wasteful and I don’t like spending a lot of money on Halloween hence this yearly post on Costumes from Your Closet…you’re welcome! Plus you’ll see my costume from my closet last year!… View Post

New Uses for Old Things: Legos, Dartboards, and More!

Haven’t done a DIY in so long! I am missing it so decided to share some new uses for old things that I am seriously crushing on. Hopefully will find the time to be crafty soon :). New Uses for Old Things Legos reuse (found on Houzz): I can’t wait for my nieces and nephews to grow out of their legos so I can make something like this. Jars reuse (found on Quite Quaint): Working on this right now! But instead… View Post

Make It with Mom Mother’s Day Gifts

I don’t know about your mama but the best gift I can give my mama is time and since my mama is also a bit of a crafter I thought bringing those two things together is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Plus it’s a great last minute gift since you’ll be making it together! Make It with Mom Pictures Print out a bunch of photos and pick a frame like the fair trade brass & glass frames ($28-$39) that can… View Post

Sweet and Free Valentine’s Day Printables

My gawsh! The choices of sweet and free Valentine’s Day Printables are actually endless! So many good things on the internet (I HEART YOU INTERNET!), but I wanted to share my absolute faves. I think these printables are great little gestures for friends, coworkers or neighbors, whoever! Spread that love around with something super simple like a little card. From the Crafty Cupboard, these adorable foodie printables are so punny! Bonus if you gift a pair of pears or a great grater… View Post
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Costumes From Your Closet-Last Minute Costumes

So last year! My Costumes From Your Closet post was literally published on October 30th…EEP a little close, no? A bit of a fail for you my friends, so I decided to reshare some of my favorite last minute costumes again, just a little earlier this year! These costumes are easily hiding in your closet or disguised at a thrift store near you! The Son of Man-I think this painting is instantly recognizable, brilliant easy costume! Wednesday Addams– Got a… View Post

New Uses for Old Things Part 2

My darling friend Stephanie, of the Loudmouth Lifestyle, is taking a bit of a breather during her last months of pregnancy, so I’m helping her out with New Uses for Old Things Part 2! Check out some handy little news uses for old things over at The Loudmouth Lifestyle HERE! And if you haven’t read part one of New Uses for Old Things–go right on ahead over HERE!         View Post
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Ha! I Made It- DIY Tattooed Shoes

So not every DIY turns out perfect. I had these shoes for a long long while and remember when everyone was painting the toe on their shoes?! Well, I tried that! —it did NOT work out for me. But I really love a pointy kitten heel and these were so comfy and the perfect color tan, I couldn’t throw them out! Then I saw this picture and was inspired and soooooo happy I didn’t get rid of them! I headed… View Post

New Uses for Old Things

Hi friends! So the other day I was noticing I have a few good new uses for old things that I have yet to share. Most of my DIYs involve some kind of upcycling so I’m obviously super duper pro new uses for old things lying around my home :). Gate to Sunglasses Holder: Please do not judge me on the amount of sunglasses I have!! I  paid my way through college working retail at various eyeglass stores, soooo I have… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – DIY Lampshade

Pretty much all the lamps in my apartment are thrifted so the lampshades I own have seen their better days. But this is why I’m in a constant search for a DIY lampshade that won’t take up too much time/money or cause headache/failure, lol. I read this post on Vintage Revivals and it totally blew my mind! I’m embarrassed at how easy it is! All you really need are stockings and scissors. So voila! One lampshade down! The tights I used were a size S/M, and… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – DIY Cords and Cables Organizer

So like I said, I’m a bit on an organizing tip and my cord situation at my desk has been bugging me like crazy. Between iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Kindle, the bf’s Samsung phone and his kindle cords are out of control! I was inspired by this post on LifeHacker on storing cables using toilet paper tubes. I actually will probably do this for cords and cables that I don’t need all the time, but USB cords are something I use… View Post

Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

Halloween is a super fun day for me! I like to dress up and I LOVE seeing how creative people get on their costumes…but EEP! I can not believe it is already tomorrow! So here are some last minute Halloween costumes you can pull right from your closet, I know I’ll be pulling a costume from mine this year. L-R: Old Man from Up-grab some balloons on your way home and poof you’re done! / Rosie the Riveter– As if… View Post

HA! I Made It! DIY-Embellished Bag

So friends I bought this bag a couple of years ago at Goodwill and at the time I debated whether to purchase because clearly it lived a busy life. But the interior pocket situation and the sturdiness of this leather made it impossible to resist. After a couple of years of having (and using!) my thrifted bag — trying to figure out what to do to give it a new life (p.s. I contemplated painting/dying leather…sigh, it’s totally complicated), I… View Post