A Gift That Gives Back…for the Reader

I’m a big believer in buying gifts that give back so instead of getting your bookworm friend/mom/sister/brother/dad a Barnes & Nobles gift card this year how about a gift certificate to Better World Books. Not only does Better World Books support high impact literacy projects in the U.S and around… View Post

Smile File-What Should I Read Next!?

When I think of Summer, I think of reading and I discovered this fantastic site via Stacy Igel to help you decide what to read next! Friends, I give you Book Seer. I typed in Green Grass Running Water, by Thomas King. LOVE this book by the way. Then they… View Post

What I Wore…Why is it Still Winter?!

So the winter chill continues. I feel like this cold weather is way overstaying its welcome. Rude, rude winter. Sunday One of my dearest friends hosted a clothing swap last fall and this heart sweater guy is one of my finds there. Everyone walked away with fantastic things and she… View Post