A Gift That Gives Back…for the Reader

I’m a big believer in buying gifts that give back so instead of getting your bookworm friend/mom/sister/brother/dad a Barnes & Nobles gift card this year how about a gift certificate to Better World Books. Not only does Better World Books support high impact literacy projects in the U.S and around the world but for every book bought a book donation is made to someone in need. Other awesome things FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and in case you’re worried about your carbon… View Post

Smile File-What Should I Read Next!?

When I think of Summer, I think of reading and I discovered this fantastic site via Stacy Igel to help you decide what to read next! Friends, I give you Book Seer. I typed in Green Grass Running Water, by Thomas King. LOVE this book by the way. Then they recommended! Hi, I LOVE YOU! Enjoy and best of luck finding your next good read :). P.S.-If you have a book recommendation send it!!! I read everything! View Post
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I <3 the Internet- Pretty Things and Hot Dogs

I’m going to post a 2nd edition of I <3 the Internet later this week. I got some wonderful blog love that I still have to share (you can have a peek here and here), and some really inspiring stuff on blogging that I’m super excited to share. But while I get that together here are the gaspers from my reader this past week. (Click on any image for source) My gawsh I don’t know how I missed this gorgeous… View Post

What I Wore…Why is it Still Winter?!

So the winter chill continues. I feel like this cold weather is way overstaying its welcome. Rude, rude winter. Sunday One of my dearest friends hosted a clothing swap last fall and this heart sweater guy is one of my finds there. Everyone walked away with fantastic things and she was kind enough to haul the unwanted items to goodwill. P.S.- Clothing swaps=best thing ever! It was really fun to see things that didn’t quite work on me  completely work… View Post
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