Good Habits: Cashew Nuts

wpid-Photo-20140610081211.jpgI have to tell you I’m constantly in awe of the properties of food! My new mainstay is the cashew nut! I’ve been adding them in the salads I bring to lunch and in my blended concoctions and it has been changing my life!

Health Benefits of Cashews

  • Copper – Cashews are one of the best sources for dietary copper. Copper helps in the production of melanin that make the color of your hair and skin and connective tissues like elastin, and collagen that helps your skin. (source, source, source)
  • Good Fats – Cashews have a rich supply of oleic acid (OA) which is a monounsaturated fat known to inhibit cholesterol in your bloodstream, decreasing the risk of plaque buildup in your arteries. Cashews are also high in  linolenic acid this Omega-6 acid is known to strengthen your blood vessels, making them more resilient and less susceptible to blockages and lesions. (source)
  • Good for Your Diet – Cashews are among the lowest calorie nuts in the bunch! (source)
  • Zinc – Cashew nuts have a high concentrate of zinc, known to have powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. (source)

How to Add Cashews to Your Diet

I love that eating cashews have tons of health benefits, but I really honestly like it best because it is the tastiest nut for me! Cashews are buttery and sweet and add a whole new level of awesome to some of my favorite blended creations.


wpid-Photo-20140610081211.jpgSo on the left we have a smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, and spinach with NO cashews–and on the right we have the same smoothie with cashews. Do you see the difference? Adding cashews to my shakes have added a fullness and creaminess that they never had shakes never had, it’s like adding cream! THE BEST!

Fave Blended Recipes:

  • Handful of pineapple, spinach, cashews, 4-5 mint leaves, and 5/6 ice cubes.
  • One banana, handful of spinach and cashews, a one inch cube of ginger and  5/6 ice cubes.
  • Handful of spinach, cashews and blueberries, squeeze of quarter a lemon and 5/6 ice cubes.
  • Handful of frozen strawberries, spinach, cashews, 4-5 mint leaves, and 5/6 ice cubes.
  • Two very ripe frozen bananas and handful of cashews. THIS IS MY JAM. I promise it tastes like the best banana ice cream you’ve ever had. You can even store the excess in the freezer like ice cream.


Cashew Recipes I’m dying to Try!

(photo source: Bored Vegetarian)

So friends what do you think?!?! Are you going to go nuts for cashews with me?! 😀


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