Smile File-Friends

Oh friends, I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because women I admire in their ambitions, professions, attitudes, generosity, kindness, oh endless good things….well,  I’m so lucky that these women are my friends.

Winx, Me, Cat

They really support me and inspire me to do better and be better. I’ve known these two ladies since high school and it really takes my breath away to see the women they’ve become (sigh, smile). I hope all of you have friends like these.

So friend Cat (far right) got us the most amazing gift for Christmas.


Cat’s present for us was friend Amber

I met Amber Knowles thru one of my dearest friends and because it is a small small world in media.

Amber is an incredibly talented photographer and Cat conspired with Miss Amber Knowles to give us a surprise BFF photoshoot for Christmas.



Yep…best Christmas gift ever.

(Winx, Me, Cat)

Gif by Amber Knowles Photography.


Visit Amber’s site (it is GORGEOUS), HERE. Read her blog: HERE