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ZOMG! Halloween is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it?! If you know me you know I love a reason to be in costume–time to have fun, stretch those creative muscles and wear something you can’t wear in real life–sign me up! But I hate to be wasteful and I don’t like spending a lot of money on Halloween hence this yearly post on Costumes from Your Closet…you’re welcome! Plus you’ll see my costume from my closet last year!

Morton’s Salt Girl: Yellow dress, I would faux bob my hair instead of wigging–but either works, umbrella and your Morton’s Salt from your kitchen…Poof! Costume! (inspiration photo via The Garment District)

Robbers: The costume above uses a bought mask but a bandit’s mask is super easy to make with some black fabric from a reusable tote like this robber’s costume, black and white striped shirt, tote with a painted or masking taped dollar sign and black gloves…done! (inspiration photo via  Say Yes)

Marty McFly from Back to the Future: This one requires a very specific closet, but if you have a hipster bf like me it’s actually pretty easy to find this stuff. Also don’t forget your thrift store :). (inspiration photo via The Nerdy Girlie)

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Cactus: I typically don’t like dresses made to look like inanimate objects for costumes, but I LOVE this costume–it totally gives me cactus! All you need is a green dress and some yarn or white fabric, whatever you have laying around. (inspiration photo via Studio DIY)

Sunny Day: I nearly did this for Halloween last year and it’s still a possibility for this year. Any blue dress or oversized sweater will do + cotton, shades and totally easy to make a sun headpiece or head band. Plus it’s a cheerful costume which I love! (photo inspiration via Refinery29)

Mary Poppins: White button downed shirt, black skirt, if you don’t have a red bow tie or red belt buy a spool of wide red ribbon preferably cloth and diy it! Don’t forget your umbrella and snazzy bag! (inspiration photo via Keiko Lynn)

Sooooo drumroll please! Sorry in advance I don’t actually have a picture of me IN my costume! I literally made this costume in about 40 minutes on Halloween night and then had a fantastic time at a Halloween party so no times for pictures when you’re rushing and having fun! You’ll never guess in a million years what I was, lol.

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It was an urban garden!!! I made my red maxi dress into a building with some white masking tape (ps was AMAZED how good it turned out), “the stoop” was made of a shirt box I had laying around, the planter I also had laying around as well as the beer can– I stuck both on with double sided tape, the flowers I made years ago, the soil was a mix of plastic bags and tissue paper, the building top hat, is made from a box and I printed a brick desktop wallpaper I found online and just used clear tape to decorate my hat—DONE! Free costume in under 40 minutes! I would totally make the costume better in retrospect–could’ve made it more “stoop like” if I added a door–but I still totally loved it!

So friends, are you thinking of your costume yet?! Did you get any ideas from here!?

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  1. Julia | Fair for All Guide October 26, 2015 / 8:18 pm

    Urban garden is such a good costume idea! I dressed up as Princess Buttercup for a convention earlier this year and will probably repeat it for Halloween because it will hide all my warm layers underneath pretty well. I have an old seat cover from my car that I want to turn into a koala costume, but I don’t think I’ll have time this year. 😛
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