Last Minute Costumes from Your Closet

Happy Friday, friends. It’s nearly that time of year! Last minute costumes from my closet have kind of become a Halloween tradition for me, lol.  In case you can’t tell, I’m a bouquet (inspiration here)! While I love dressing up, I absolutely hate wasteful Halloween costumes, so I always head to my closet first! I really love my bouquet costume and will probably improve it for this year, so get excited for a full tutorial next Halloween! In the meantime there… View Post

Costumes from Your Closet

ZOMG! Halloween is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it?! If you know me you know I love a reason to be in costume–time to have fun, stretch those creative muscles and wear something you can’t wear in real life–sign me up! But I hate to be wasteful and I don’t like spending a lot of money on Halloween hence this yearly post on Costumes from Your Closet…you’re welcome! Plus you’ll see my costume from my closet last year!… View Post

Costumes From Your Closet-Last Minute Costumes

So last year! My Costumes From Your Closet post was literally published on October 30th…EEP a little close, no? A bit of a fail for you my friends, so I decided to reshare some of my favorite last minute costumes again, just a little earlier this year! These costumes are easily hiding in your closet or disguised at a thrift store near you! The Son of Man-I think this painting is instantly recognizable, brilliant easy costume! Wednesday Addams– Got a… View Post

Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

Halloween is a super fun day for me! I like to dress up and I LOVE seeing how creative people get on their costumes…but EEP! I can not believe it is already tomorrow! So here are some last minute Halloween costumes you can pull right from your closet, I know I’ll be pulling a costume from mine this year. L-R: Old Man from Up-grab some balloons on your way home and poof you’re done! / Rosie the Riveter– As if… View Post

My Fave Halloween Costumes of 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Like I mentioned friends, I love me some Halloween and so I can’t let this day pass without showing you my 3 favorite costumes across this great wide internet. Snap if you wanna see em’!   Okay then! Please let me introduce you to….   TINY EINSTEIN VINCENT VAN GOGH SELF-PORTRAIT CHEWBACCA   I know it’s been a crazy week, but I hope you can makes some time for some fun and give what you can to those… View Post

Thrifting Your Costume -The Goodwill NY/NJ Halloween Challenge

Hi friends! You know that I’m a huge crazytown fan of Goodwill! Goodwill is by far one of my favorite places to shop (evidence, evidence), but more importantly I really admire the tremendous good they do in the communities they serve (evidence, evidence). So what is the Goodwill Halloween Challenge?- Find items for your costume for under $30 at any local Goodwill. I LOVE Halloween and love Goodwill so this was really a project made in heaven :). (photo sources:… View Post

Make It with Mom Mother’s Day Gifts

I don’t know about your mama but the best gift I can give my mama is time and since my mama is also a bit of a crafter I thought bringing those two things together is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Plus it’s a great last minute gift since you’ll be making it together! Make It with Mom Pictures Print out a bunch of photos and pick a frame like the fair trade brass & glass frames ($28-$39) that can… View Post

Best of Made-To-Travel 2013

Well friends, 2013 is coming to an end very very soon and I always like to take a look back at my favorite posts throughout the year. In case you’ve missed these guys, here is the best of Made-To-Travel…well, according to me :). January – Ethical Riding Boots and How to Wear Them * February – DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Him * March – Cruelty-Free Skincare from the Drugstore * April – DIY Old Candles to New Candles * May… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

(image source @white_african on instagram) Hi friends! Happy Monday :D. I had a fantastic weekend hope you all did too! Here are some awesome reasons why I hearted the internet this week! Please enjoy…  Above- I’m OBSESSED with Instagram spotlights… this week Kenya. Cats in little hats :D…via Yes and Yes. THANK GOODNESS! Team USA is finally wearing uniforms made in the USA. I’m a big fan of hot yoga, so very interesting for me to read this list of… View Post

My Fave Posts of 2012

(make your own banner here) Happy new year friends!!!!! I hope you all rang in the New Year in a way that made you happy and excited about 2013! To start off 2013 I thought I it would be nice to share some of my favorites of 2012. So please enjoy a little look back. -January- The Difference a Day Makes I don’t really get political on made-to-travel, but it was really impossible for me not to share my marvel… View Post

I Heart the Internet-IFB and Crafting a Green World

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I have a couple of special reasons why I heart the internet this week that I had to share with you :). First off, one of my fave fave fave faaaave DIY/Craft sites Crafting a Green World included my lace cutout blouse DIY in their Top 5 October Green Crafts Showcase! Secondly!!!! My Ethical Shopping 101 made it onto Independent Fashion Blogger’s (IFB) Links á la Mode. For the record this post is one of my… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for Your Week: “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” George Burns, found here. Hi friends, I thought his quote particularly awesome for the week of Halloween. I am a big fan of Halloween, I love the creativity and the sheer fun of being something else…and I hope I never outgrow it! Now please enjoy some reasons I hearted the internet. Above, I gave you some costume ideas in the Halloween Goodwill Challenge, but… View Post

Ha I Made It!- DIY: Lace Cutout Blouse

I have not done a DIY in a long while so it totally feels great to make something!!! I’ve had this DIY on my list for quite some time. You’ve actually seen this shirt before; I wore it as my Holly Golightly costume this past Halloween. I really loved the length and the stiff men’s collar but when I tried to wear it out it was never quite right. I think it was a little too much “I borrowed my… View Post