Smile File: CloudReporter

cloudreporter 5As long as I can remember I’ve been super inspired by clouds. In fact one of my favorite past times to do secretly all the time–seriously, I do this secretly in my head all the time!–is look for shapes in clouds. I find it stretches my imagination like nothing else.

When I first begin looking for cloud shapes I find myself imagining pretty basic things: staplers, cars, houses…basic! But then something magical happens–I start seeing sleeping elves, jellyfish parties, a woman riding a dragon, and alligators having tea–I can feel my imagination stretching.

cloudreporter -2

cloudreporter 1Well, you can imagine my excitement when I found cloudreporter on swissmiss a few months ago. Cloudreporter is a simple site that shares pretty photos of clouds around the world.

There is no more perfect a Smile File than cloudreporter for me. I find myself going to the site just to get centered when my mind is straying. Something about staring at skies is so soothing.

cloudreporter 3


It’s also awesome to think that there is really just one big sky we’re all under and share…it makes me feel like we’re all constantly sharing this one experience which is really beautiful.

If you’d like to help in cloud reporting get in touch with cloudreporter HERE.