(photo via Linkedin) It’s election day here in the US and EVERY single person who can vote NEEDS to vote. Find out what’s on your ballot right HERE.  Ethical fashion and happy things will resume tomorrow after we all do our civic duty and PRIVILEGE and VOTE. (photo via ToonRefuge) View Post

Last Minute Costumes from Your Closet

Happy Friday, friends. It’s nearly that time of year! Last minute costumes from my closet have kind of become a Halloween tradition for me, lol.  In case you can’t tell, I’m a bouquet (inspiration here)! While I love dressing up, I absolutely hate wasteful Halloween costumes, so I always head to my closet first! I really love my bouquet costume and will probably improve it for this year, so get excited for a full tutorial next Halloween! In the meantime there… View Post

It’s Been TOOOOO Long!

OMIGOSH! I can’t even believe how long I haven’t blogged! But shortly you’ll see why! I LOVE gift lists and I’m super sad I missed Valentine’s Day for you guys, but truly it could not be helped. This is the first week in about 2 months that my life is a semblance of normal. So here goes :). 1) I’M ENGAGED!!! –with quite possibly the most beautiful engagement photo of all time and most definitely the happiest moment of my life.… View Post

Be Grateful

Hello friends, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time we spend with family to be grateful for family and friends and all that we are so so soooo lucky to have. I listened to this story on NPR One the other day and they had a guest who was discussing Naikan-a Buddhist practice that teaches “deliberate gratitude” and I found it so inspiring. “…be thankful for more than the turkey this Thanksgiving – thank your roof, your furnace, even… View Post
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Smile File: CloudReporter

As long as I can remember I’ve been super inspired by clouds. In fact one of my favorite past times to do secretly all the time–seriously, I do this secretly in my head all the time!–is look for shapes in clouds. I find it stretches my imagination like nothing else. When I first begin looking for cloud shapes I find myself imagining pretty basic things: staplers, cars, houses…basic! But then something magical happens–I start seeing sleeping elves, jellyfish parties, a woman riding a dragon,… View Post
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Good Stuff: My Favortie Podcasts

I listen to A LOT of podcasts: on my commute, on a run, while I’m blogging, cleaning my room, cooking, doing laundry–it will never fail that I’m also listening to these brilliant, funny, informative, heart warming or breaking podcasts. There’s so much goodness to listen to that it was SUPER hard to cull this list, but here it is–in no particular order– my 12 favorite podcasts and I truly hope you take a listen. (photo credit: dora dora 2 via photopin (license)) 1)… View Post
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Homemade Ice Creams and Frozen Treats

So friends, I have gone a little crazy on my Pinterest–pinning homemade ice creams and frozen treats . I am one of the very few people I know who don’t have an air conditioner so I’m constantly looking for easy peasy, healthy and delicious ways to stay cool. I also really love making my food–allows me to know exactly what’s in it :). Here are a few of the recipes I’m really looking forward to trying! Pistachio Ice Cream-from Blender Babes //… View Post

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day, friends!! This card from Hello!Lucky is the card I got my boo for my fave holiday 🙂 and I wanted to virtually give it to you too! I know I’ve been sappy for Valentine’s Day, but here’s a little extra sap–I’m so thankful for this space and I’m so thankful for you reading it, I can hardly believe you’re real! Make someone smile today–your mom, your sib, your friend!—or YOU! Treat yourself and love yourself today (and everyday!)–that’s really… View Post

Smile File: Quotes on Friendship

Okay…so I have no really great verification (I searched endlessly online) that February is International Friendship Month, but I liked that this possible international celebration falls into the same month as Valentine’s Day…all about L-O-V-E February :). (photo via IMDB/quote IMDB) For your Smile File, here are some wonderful quotes on friendship… share one with a friend :). (quote sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) This last one made me smile :). I am constantly sending random texts that remind me of friends…I… View Post

Women to Watch-Amazing Women on TV

I really do believe we have A LOT of really special scripted TV right now and many many of my favorite shows are on mid-season break. Hopefully you feel like resting after all the festivities so it’s the PERFECT time for you to go on demand or Netflix or wherever you can and get to know these amazing women on TV right now! (photos via :; BBC; IMDb; Marvel Wikia; IMDb; The Gloss) Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreations It’s… View Post

Fave Posts on Made-to-Travel 2014!!

ZOMG! Tomorrow will be 2015! I hope you’ve enjoyed 2014 as much as I have…while I did accomplish some things, I really didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this year, but life happens and I’m not going to beat myself up about it…neither should you! Let’s just agree to do better :). I love looking back at Made-to-Travel, truthfully I really enjoy every single post so these year enders are always hard, but(!) I’ve narrowed it down and here goes it!… View Post

New Features and THANK YOU

I really love doing interviews…it’s a way for me to further explain why I choose to be a conscious shopper and sometimes allows me to get a little more personal. So if you want to hear more about lil’ old me please check out these wonderful ethical blogs that were kind enough to have me on their sites. Fair for All  Julia from Fair for All is a gem. She has a background in working with survivors of human trafficking and a passion for… View Post

Smile File-Let’s Celebrate Cats!

  Did you know that it was National Cat Day on October 29th!?! I had no idea! I had something completely else planned to post today, but as soon as I learned I missed National Cat Day I decided to have a little belated celebration! I always identified as a dog person—I grew up with dogs and was surrounded by dogs as a kid, but as an adult I have way more friends that have cats and I have a new special… View Post
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