Ethical Steals and Deals-End of the Year Sales

A few fab ethical sites are having end of the year deals that I couldn’t help but share with you all! Enjoy some savings before 2012 comes to a close :). Ethical Ocean Ethical Ocean is one of my favorite places to shop ethically. There is a huge variety of items: home, fashion and gifts and this end of the year sale is ah-mazing! Ecomom I pretty much bought every child I know a gift at Ecomom…they have a fantastic… View Post
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Thrift Your Sequins for New Years

Hi friends! I meant to write a New Year Eve’s party dress post, but my life has a been hectic with the holidays and now I feel it’s a bit late. Buuuuut! It’s not too late for you to run to the thrift store and get yourself a bit of sparkle :). (dress available here) Thrifting is a GREAT source for sequins and just to show you what might be waiting for you at your local thrift store I went… View Post

How to Give Time for Christmas

To celebrate that the world is still here (yay!) and we’ve all been given a little bit more time I wanted to share some ways you can gift time to someone for Christmas. Time is really the perfect gift for that person who has everything or your friend that’s been super stressed or your boyfriend that has been working overtime or your best friend who’s a new mom. Give Some Leisure Time Babysit for your favorite parents/parent,  I’m sure they’d… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for your Week: “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.”Voltaire, found here. Start of a new week, friends! I’m sure it will be a bustling one for most. The holidays are literally around the corner and I have no idea how that happened! Take a little break and please enjoy some of my favorite links from last week. Above, a goooorgeous set of Christmas lights. Heart this picture of Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep. Vancouver… View Post

Smile File-Just Some Emergency Compliments :)

I know we’re all running around trying to get our holiday things done, but I wanted to take some time today just to say nice things to all of you :), courtesy of the Emergency Compliment Generator. It’s a busy time of year and I’m sure you’re all doing what you can to make it special for your loved ones, sooooooo I feel you deserve to hear some nice things about yourself, friends. Emergency Compliments found on SwissMiss here. View Post

What I Wore-Summer Dress in Winter

Well friends, I have to tell you I see no reason to stow away long, flowy, summery dresses during winter! I love the injection of color and the juxtaposition of a bright summer dress with something very winter like an over-sized grandpa sweater. Add a pair of thick tights (I highly recommend American Apparel’s bamboo tights) and you are cold weather ready! (sweater-closed store :(; dress-old urban; boots-old urban; rings-gifted and nissa jewelry via opensky) Also do you ever get… View Post

Ethical Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Hi friends! The famous, or infamous  Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift can be a challenge. The perfect Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift should suit a female or a male but you still want it to feel personal and special. Well I’m here today to give you my picks for an ethical Secret Santa/Grab Bag. A unisex gift  can still be awesome and thoughtful! Recycled Bedside Water Bottle w/ Glass $45: I love the elegance of this gift. Would add luxury to any… View Post
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Ethical Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

A lot of ethical shopping focuses on the ladies but there are tons of great ethical options for the fellas too! So here is my ethical gift guide for the lovely men in your life :). Gifts for Staying In: I love giving a gift that provides a little pampering and leisure :). Aromatherapy Eye Masks-$35.34 Multi Game Box-$36.00 Recycled Railroad Spike Letter Opener-$54.95 New Orleans Restoration Beer Soap-$5.95/bar St. James Infirmary – Frankincense and Myrrh Soap-$5.95/bar Men’s Shawl Collared… View Post

Ethical Evening Wear-The Holiday Office Party

Hi friends! I received a beautiful request from a young reader named Alyssa a few weeks ago. The dear Alyssa is looking for ethical prom/evening wear, a fantastic request since I actually don’t think I’ve done a post on evening wear on made-to-travel! And no better time for ethical evening wear than this holiday season where we’re inundated with holiday occasions….like the holiday office party! The trick for me personally in office holiday parties is you want to look more… View Post

I Heart the Internet

(image source) Words for Your Week: “I want to leave a mark in a way that helps other people to be better and if I have knowledge that can do that, I think I have to share it.” – Jason Santa Maria, found on swissmiss. This quote from Jason Santa Maria is basically why I started made-to-travel and I think it’s true for everyone. If you have any kind of knowledge share it! It is valuable and you never know… View Post