My Fave Mothers Day Gifts

So Mothers Day is May 8th, right around the corner(!) and because my mamacita means the entire world and universe to me I wanted to share my favorite Mothers Day gifts with you.

I posted this guy in Valentine’s Day gift ideas (V-Day gifts: here and here), but I’m going to make one for my mamacita for Mothers day this year.

These compliments are really awesome but the lovely Kind Over Matter (wonderful blog name, no?!) have also made a blank one you can fill in. Spotted on Craftzine.

I love Flower/Plant of the Month. Your sentiment is lasting and I think fresh flowers in a home is a super special treat.

Also if you happen to be some distance from your dear mamacita this is a wonderful way to constantly remind her of her awesome.

I encourage ProFlowers for 2 reasons: 1) You can choose vase OR no vase! Brilliant! 2) Pro Flowers have been working with fair trade farms since their doors opened in 1998, you can read about that here.

I’ve crafted teabag tags for the BF and for my mamacita for Valentine’s Day. I remixed by getting pictures of things that really related to them (BF likes the Mets so Mets logo; mamacita like leaves so leaves for her).

I also really love this version using text.

Crafts above are from Sparkle and Hay and Gingaham Cherry. If you’d like to know how I did mine totally email me. It’s a time consuming craft but it is pretty easy and once I put the newly decorated tea bags in a clear glass jar they really did look handsome.

This last one is my favorite! I don’t know about your mom but I feel like my mom has everything and there are not “things” I can give her that would mean more than this.

Globoal Girlfriends is a wooonderful site with all fair trade items that benefit a lot of different causes, but my favorite gift from this site has got to be from their “Gifts that Give More.”

There is a variety of charities listed and a donation will be made in honor of the receiver. My mom’s 2 closest friends are breast cancer survivors, so I gifted a donation to provide breast cancer medication for the less fortunate. TEARS! She was so happy to receive it.

Globoal Girlfriends will email you a pdf of a lovely certificate along with your receipt so you can print and present to your lovely mama.

Make all the moms feel special on May 8th, friends!!

P.S.-Please! Please! Let me know if you decide to get any of the above gifts…it will make my day :D.



  1. Vivian April 27, 2011 / 12:59 pm

    adorable 🙂

    got your email and wrote back to you, sorry for not checking more often, not many people email me! I also JUST posted that skirt again but this time as a dress, you should totally try it sometime!

  2. myheartblogged April 27, 2011 / 3:01 pm

    I really like the last idea. My mother is always helping people, and would love to know her gift did a little more for the world.
    My Heart Blogged

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