Smile File 2/13/2011- Valentine’s Day gift ideas

I love Valentine’s Day. Call it a hallmark holiday if you’d like but to me there’s something so wonderful about having a day all about expressing love for special people in your life. I geek out on Valentine’s Day, I get stuff for my mamcita, my aunt, my bro, my friends and of course my bf…p.s. so excited about his gift this year!

So here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for your beau, your friend, your mom, your dad, your whoever…make someone feel special.

I swear this list is not a cheese fest! I really think Valentine’s Day is more about being thoughtful.

For da boyz:

toaster-$39.99- image from

All NBA teams are available…I totally want a Knicks one! Buy here!

image frome

Green gift!!! My bf gave me a whole bunch of tees that don’t fit him…some are old concert tees and some say smarty things like “Ithaca is Gorges”…these would make great totes!! Annnnd the project is NO SEW, since my sewing machine is out of order at the moment I find this a very appealing option! Find instructions here.

3 months of chips $99- image from

This suggestion is from Oh joy!, she picked out some great things for her beau, check out her post here, but what really fits MY man is this chips of the month gift, lol. There is also a one month sampler box for $39.99. Buy here. P.S.- I love Oh Joy! This Blog totally gets bookmarked with tons of Smile File options. Thanks so much for sharing so many good ideas!

For your wonderful lady friends 🙂

image from

I can tell you if I got this from someone I would literally diiiieee of joy. I LOVE nail polish and jazzy mani’s! All the advances in making your nails fun really inspire me and make me happy…don’t ever stop evolving nail technology beauty world! Konad! Minx! Crackle polish! Love you all! Tutorial is from getcha nails did. Click HERE for instructions.

image from

Free printable and what a sweet idea! I’m printing these out and giving them to my friends and co-workers. There’s even a blank version where you can type in your own compliments…love this idea! Get your free printable here.

And here are some cards and fun little things:

Dingbat Press

Buy here.

M Press

Buy here.

Twigs and Thistle

Free download here.

All the above I discovered on Fresh Home’s blog post. There are more cuties on their list, so check the full list out here.

I will post some last minute cards tomorrow! Hmmm, probably should’ve done this post earlier, sorry! But some of these things are printable or doable in a day with a trip to your local craft store or nba store (lol).




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