I <3 The Internet-Beauty and Some Bizarre

I posted on umbrellas yesterday because I’ve been stuck in the rain, but this campaign makes the rain look gorgeous. Love the all the colors and textures in the imagery. Burberry campaign spotted on Perth Fashion. Actually if you go to Burberry site you will be greeted with the sound… View Post

I <3 the Internet- Link Love with a Twist

I just discovered Link Love With a Twist and I think it is an amazing idea and has an immensely generous spirit. So please learn more by heading over to Beautifully Invisible. The links below are really great reads written by very thoughtful bloggers. Be sure to read the comment… View Post

I <3 the Internet- UP! UP! UP!

I feel the Orange edition of I <3 the Internet did not encompass all the things I wanted to share with you, friends. Gawsh, I nearly bought this from MyCuffs… ….but I took a deep breath and realized that I have 1 “boyfriend” denim shirt from Zara’s and 1 actual… View Post

I <3 the Internet…ORANGE!

So this is my living room, friends: Everything minus the silver lamp in the lower left corner, the stereo and the area rug is thrifted or kindly donated by friends and family. Here are some other pics if you are interested in taking closer look:          … View Post

I <3 the Internet…Week of 2/26/2011

Some reasons I loved the internet this last week (sorry, busy weekend): This pic from the glamorai: And holler those are F21 earrings 😉 Spotted on Woo! Happy day and Crappy Day rings… You can buy them at Weasel Factory’s etsy store here. Well that’s a clever craft: Spotted on… View Post

I <3 the Internet

Just a few things that made me love the internet this week… Glamorai’s DIY dress: Her inspiration is a totally affordable at forever 21- for the non-crafty folk…thanks Glamorai! Buy the F21 inspiration dress here. I looooove wearing white. It’s my fave and I personally think it looks so damn… View Post