Shop for MORE-Guest Post on The Loudmouth Lifestyle

I did a post on Steph’s blog The Loudmouth Lifestyle on some practical ethical accessories for my bestest friend…my laptop. Friends! Please don’t judge me!!! This is what I use to drag my laptop around (shame face). Yes, that is a towel wrapped around my laptop(!) and my other option is my bro’s old laptop case from his college years. Le sigh, I know it’s a shame!!! Since I’ve started blogging my laptop has been an essential travel companion, so… View Post

Guest Post on Those Graces

Hello friends! I am on vacay right now but I’ve done a guest post over at Courtney’s blog Those Graces that I’m super mega proud of! It’s on a topic near and dear to my heart; the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. I’m so happy that Courtney asked me to share my story with her readers so please go over to the post HERE. Besides discussing my lifelong love of the exquisite Audrey I also share some of my fave contemporary starlet… View Post

Uninhibited Style at Ambuji

Hi friends, I had the honor to guest post at Ambuji last week. Ambu’s task for me was to pick a piece of art that inspires me and evokes something that I don’t feel I articulate in my style. This is me blogging on Ambuji. I really admire Ambu and her blog for encouraging thoughtfulness and being bold in fashion and in life. I LOVE HER! No really, LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. This friends is Ambu. Gorgeous, no?! She is… View Post