Smile File-One last thing!

Hi Friends! I have been a bit absent this week suffering from a little post holiday fever but I didn’t want 2011 to pass by and not say thank you. February 2011 is when I started this little corner of the internet and really I could not be more thankful… View Post

Smile File-Life is Grand

Friends, I read the most beautiful bit of advice on worrying this week on A CUP OF JO. “Picture that the Grand Canyon is your life–your past, present and future. Start envisioning the various parts of your life within the canyon: Over there is the day you were born, your… View Post

What I Wore-Outfit Flurry!

Hi friends! I present my outfit flurry! Last week was pretty much a blur of activity and I thought best to sum up everything in one post for you. I gave you a sneak peek of my outfit for the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Conference well here is the whole shebang… View Post

Consider Me Lovely

Friends, this week has gone by in a flash! But I didn’t want the week to whiz by without mentioning the wonderful feature I took part in. This dears is the wonderful Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely. Rocquelle runs an inspiring feature on her blog called Your Body Is Fabulous.… View Post

IFB Conference

Hi Friends so today is the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Conference. I’m suuuuuper excited to meet the other bloggers and here’s a little sneak peek to what I’m wearing. You all know I love IFB! They provide so much useful information and I’m hoping work doesn’t interrupt my day too much… View Post

Pocket Change Feature

Friends! I was featured last week in Pocket Change’s BeInStyle. I was super thrilled they contacted me and incredibly flattered since the last blogger they featured is a huge style crush and blogging inspiration, none other than Kristy Eléna of Full Time Fabulous, you can see her interview on BeInStyle… View Post

Links á la Mode

It always makes my day to make Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode. I’m so happy that my faves in ethical swimwear was chosen this week, hopefully that means some extra love for the ethical brands :). Thanks always IFB for the honor and thank you Nubia for the… View Post

Link Love With a Twist

I am super honored and touched to have been nominated twice in last weeks addition of Beautifully Invisible’s Link Love With a Twist. My post “Smile File-Oh These Word” was nominated by Bella of Citizen Rosebud. Bella is another huge style crush she is always eloquent and incredibly bold and… View Post

Uninhibited Style at Ambuji

Hi friends, I had the honor to guest post at Ambuji last week. Ambu’s task for me was to pick a piece of art that inspires me and evokes something that I don’t feel I articulate in my style. This is me blogging on Ambuji. I really admire Ambu and… View Post

Links á la Mode

My ode to tumblr made it to Links á la Mode. Really I’m so thrilled! Thank you Vahni from Grit & Glamour and Independent Fashion Bloggers. Vahni has a really special challenge to us bloggers. Love HER! Love the sense of community she fosters. Please enjoy her intro and all… View Post

Blog Love <3-The Blogsphere Is So Kind

I was gifted with some blog awards a little while ago from some pretty special ladies. Adorable Blog Award from- Jean of Jean of All Trades One Lovely Blog Award from-Laura of Artfully Artista Sunshine Award from-Madison of Fashion Tales Blogger Luxury- Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely I am so… View Post

What I Wore-I Tumble

One of my besties works at the wonderful world of tumblr and to celebrate the end of  Internet Week New York tumblr threw a little celebration at the Hudson Hotel. I rarely, rarely go out in a real way, but I made an exception for my dear friend Danielle, tumblr… View Post

IFB Links á la Mode

I am always really grateful to be featured on IFB’s Links á la Mode. The amount of bloggers who contribute and the quality of the content always sets a really high bar, so every time I make it I squeal and gasp. Last week I kind of had TWO(!) posts… View Post