What I Wore / Get the Look-Oh Hello Fall

Hi Fall and HIIIIIEEEEE ya’ll!!! I’m so so happy to be back :). If you remember this year was kind of a benchmark of a year for me and with work being crazy I decided I needed to take some time off. Hope you had a beautiful summer and are excited for Fall! I really really love the Summer into Fall transition– it allows me to still wear shorts (all-time favorite bottom) and break out some cozier items like this sweater.… View Post

Transition #2: Shirt Dress Outfits for Fall

The shirt dress is probably my most favorite item of clothing–bold statement, I know (!)– but I’ve been dying to share shirt dress outfits for Fall! A shirt dress is just such a great piece for all seasons! In Summer it’s breezy without being super casual or exposing and I think a great shirt dress can be dressed up or down and is modern, subtle kind of sexy and totally classic. Now(!) here’s how to layer a shirt dress to carry you into… View Post
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What I Wore-Layering Dresses

Hi friends! I took an impromptu break from Made-to-Travel due to work and my dad’s visit…I just had no time at all! So because I’ve been away for a bit I decided to say HI! to you all with my foray into layering dresses. I’ve been trying to create new outfits from what I have and I’m totally loving wearing double dress! (denim dress-thrifted via cauz for pawz // flowered dress-don’t shop here! // bag-cri de couer via compassion couture // shoes-melissa shoes // jewelry-gifted)… View Post
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What I Wore- Purple Impression

  Friends, I want to introduce you to a wonderful new ethical brand called Purple Impression. While visiting San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting Drakshan and Afshan Khan the lovely, smart, passionate sister duo who founded Purple Impression from their desire to give Pakistani women an opportunity to use their craft steeped in tradition as a means of empowerment and independence. It is very traditional for women in Pakistan to be confined to their homes–a staggering statistic from 2008: only 21.8%… View Post

What I Wore-Bye Bye Balmy Winter

Up until the last day of 2014 it’s actually been a pretty mild winter…which I’m completely thankful for because I hate wearing socks! I wore this outfit on a strangely balmy 55 degree day this winter. I tend to wear my warm weather clothing all year round and just throw a really chunky sweater over it. This is one of my fave summer dresses that is sadly nearly worn too thin with a new winter fave. I dig that this chunky… View Post

What I Wore-Gnomish Tall Beanie

I had put tall beanies on the list of items I didn’t think would look good on me. But I picked this one up on my latest trip to Iceland and I j’adore it! The tall beanie had a little handwritten tag with the name of the knitter, which makes it even better. Tall beanies totally=gnomish, and I dig that! (card available here) Under this jacket I’m wearing my favorite purchase of the summer you’ve never seen! It’s this great… View Post

What I Wore-Ember Arts

(shirt-old urban renewal // jeans-current elliott via nordstrom rack // bag – cri de coeur // bracelets – gifted and Poplar Bracelet c/o Ember Arts // necklace –Willow Necklace  c/o Ember Arts // shoes-thrifted via red cross) If you know me, you know that I’m a jewelry addict and by far my favorite kind of jewelry is the kind that also does good. When the wonderful people at Ember Arts asked me to try out some of their pieces I was totally… View Post

What I Wore-Weekend Wear

Well, hi there friends! I fear you may have forgotten what I look like because I haven’t done an outfit post in so so long! I LOVE me a summer weekend in NY. Lots of people go away so it’s not as congested, ladies are wearing midriffs and summer dresses, men in their shorts and the city doesn’t feel as hurried as the work week pace.  It’s like everything is a little slower and relaxed. (hat-thrifted via cauz for pawz… View Post

What I Wore-Back from Vacay

  Hi friends!! I am back from our vacation to Turks and Caicos and feeling very fresh :). You know most vacations I like to go out and see the world, but on this particular vacay literally all we did was relax and it was blissful. (sunglasses-tom’s available here // tunic-meg  // skirt-american apparel available here // bag-matt and nat //jewelry-gifted) My boo gave me this wonderful Giving Tree Necklace from Chandler the Robot. I LOVE LOVE it!! It was… View Post

What I Wore-Totally Neutral and All Ethical

Hi friends, when I first started Made-To-Travel about three years ago (yikes, woah!) my outfits often had items from the old me, the me who didn’t really pay attention to labels or where my clothing came from. But looking thru my outfit posts from the past year or so it’s harder and harder to find that old me…And I am thrilled. I’ve been a little obsessed with gawking at totally neutral outfits for a couple of months but while I have flower pants I actually… View Post

What I Wore-Double Scarfing

So in an effort to change up my outerwear this long long loooonnnnng winter I’ve been double scarfing. I like that it adds some different prints to my otherwise mostly unchanging winter staples. But under my coat is this great dress by Kowtow…I LOVE this fair trade brand so much and I was immediately smitten with the versatility of this shirt dress. hat-faire collection // coat-hessnatur (sad, sad, sad the us store not open any longer) // scarves – thrifted via… View Post

What I Wore-Thrifted Leather on Leather

Over the weekend it got to a balmy 40 something degrees (uhg, Spring please come!) so I got to switch up my coat, which I was sadly so excited about. I bought this leather bubble coat (that turns into a vest!) at Salvation Army’s annual Winter Coat Sale, I read about this sale on Tales from the Thrift and it is the best thing ever! If you’re in NY you MUST go! I’m not super into matching, but I really loved… View Post

What I Wore – Floppy Hats and New Boots

So this winter I decided to expand my hat repertoire to include floppy hats and I am completely digging the practicality and the style so darn much! I like that a floppy hat lessens the frequency of my umbrella usage and also keeps the snow out of my eyes…yeah wide brim! I’ve been rocking this Faire Collection hat from Greenheart Shop all winter! (hat-faire collection via greenheart shop // coat-hessnatur (sadly no longer shipping to u.s.) // bag-jet korine (online… View Post