Grateful for Love…Happy Thanksgiving

Hello my beautiful friends. I had posts planned for the past 2 weeks, but nothing seemed right. I feel like I needed some time…time to get over our election and heal the hurt feelings that came with the results and the anxiety after that—and now I can honestly and surprisingly say I feel better. I feel better because I realized I have not changed. I can still make a difference, I can still choose to be hopeful and support causes I believe in, I am… View Post

Good Words…On Perfection and Unicorns

Stumbled on this quote from One Love Organics on twitter the other day and just absolutely love it. Perfection is totally a myth and let’s all try to remember that and forgive ourselves and others. Have a gorgeous Monday. View Post
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It’s a complete struggle for me to write after tragic events, how to share positivity in the light of such horrific actions…but the world never fails in giving reasons why to always hope and be good. #PorteOuverte translation “open door” was trending worldwide on Friday. The people of Paris extended their homes to those who needed shelter. Choose kindness always. Also loved this little prayer for life worldwide and life will go on. View Post
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Good Habits: Fall Fresh Starts

(print available at PartyInked) Hi friends, happy Fall Equinox! Autumn even more than New Year’s for me always reminds me of beginnings and fresh starts. And while if you know me, you know I’ll totally miss the warm weather of Summer, I really also do love Fall for this very reason. The environment is changing and so is an opportunity for us to do the same :). To celebrate the Fall Equinox I thought I would share some Good Words on starting… View Post

Good Words: Your Words Have Great Power

(photo via Karen Salomansohn) Hi friends, have you ever thought about the power of words? I for one can remember when one of my besties told me that if she had a daughter she’d want her to be just like me (I bawled); but on the flip side I remember when my brother told me I was cruel and ungrateful when I was 13. I truly can remember the very best and the very worst things people have said to me…even from… View Post

Good Habits: It’s Going to be Tough…THEN Good

 (via goodreads) Hi friends…have you ever made a big change in your life? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Moving? My awesome brother made quick decision to move across country recently and on his latest visit he confessed that he missed New York, and it hasn’t been easy. My bro is not one to share his feelings and my heart broke in little pieces when I heard the sadness in his voice. But I recognized this feeling all too well…I’ve felt it at… View Post

Good Habits: Think Positive!

(image via Rookie here) Friends, have you tapped into the power of your thoughts? I read this fantastic post on Rookie a while ago and bookmarked it because I felt it was really special and intimate. The author of the post, Pixie, shares her personal experience with positive affirmations and I found her realizations after genuinely trying to put them into practice quite profound. I feel positive affirmations get a bit of bad rap for being hokey and trite. But… View Post

Good Words…On Comparison

If you’re looking at your life, your body, the money you make, your school, your job, or any of your successes compared to someone else’s you will never feel the joy of having what you have. I’ve had to learn and relearn this, and will probably have to relearn it again. But try to remember other people’s successes have nothing to do with your own…so enjoy you!…appreciate you! And enjoy all that YOU have done.   Quote found on swiss… View Post

Good Words…On Friendship

(image courtesy of Stuart Miles at by me; quote found here) This is about the truest quote on friendship I’ve ever read. Last week I lost a very very special friend and even now I really can’t imagine that our little world together has come to an end. I won’t have the joy of experiencing him any longer and I won’t have any more moments with him, just memories of him…. gawsh friends, it makes me so so so… View Post

Good Words…On Caring

(print available at Quotable Life) I just love this quote from The Lorax. The responsibility of caring and the privilege of giving is something that was instilled in me at a really young age and I am truly grateful to my mama who really taught us this. As a social worker my mama has lived a life dedicated to the service of helping people in great need and she is incredibly dedicated and passionate and magical in this work. In… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits: Be Happy

(click image for source) Hi friends! So I have some special people in my life that have gone thru kind of drastic life changes, and it has nothing to do with getting a new job, or getting married, or having babies, or moving…it literally has to do with happiness and making the decision to be happy. I think it’s interesting that happiness can be a goal and you’re chasing it like it’s a job, meanwhile we always always have the… View Post

Smile File-On Joy :)

(photo found on pinterest here, text added by me) Thank you Cassee for sharing this quote by Anne Lamott. I LOVE it. Now, time for me to spread a little joy :D! Thank you everyone who participated in the Fall Fashionista Giveaway, there was a lot of great feedback and again these are really meaningful and important questions for me and my sponsors so thank you for being so thoughtful. a Rafflecopter giveaway BIG BIG CONGRATS to Shannon A. You… View Post