Stay Healthy

Since I’ve been traveling and in the midst of purging and moving to the new place I’ve been deathly afraid of getting sick! Colds and flus are running rampant around me and I have no time to get sick and laid up in bed, so I’ve been more cautious than ever in keeping myself healthy and so far so good!! Let me just preface this post with I am clearly not a doctor, I’ve been practicing the below and have… View Post

Good Habits: Fall Fresh Starts

(print available at PartyInked) Hi friends, happy Fall Equinox! Autumn even more than New Year’s for me always reminds me of beginnings and fresh starts. And while if you know me, you know I’ll totally miss the warm weather of Summer, I really also do love Fall for this very reason. The environment is changing and so is an opportunity for us to do the same :). To celebrate the Fall Equinox I thought I would share some Good Words on starting… View Post

Homemade Ice Creams and Frozen Treats

So friends, I have gone a little crazy on my Pinterest–pinning homemade ice creams and frozen treats . I am one of the very few people I know who don’t have an air conditioner so I’m constantly looking for easy peasy, healthy and delicious ways to stay cool. I also really love making my food–allows me to know exactly what’s in it :). Here are a few of the recipes I’m really looking forward to trying! Pistachio Ice Cream-from Blender Babes //… View Post

Good Habits: How to Drink More Water

So confession– I’m really bad at drinking water! I rarely feel thirsty, it never comes to mind to hydrate throughout the day, and typically I only think to drink water while I’m working out or with meals. Sadly, this is NOT enough water according to every recommendation ever on drinking water. Last month I decided to get proactive and get into the good habit to drink more water, and so far it’s been working great, so I thought I’d share my tips… View Post

Holiday is OVER!–Ethical Workout Clothes

(tuxedo mesh leggings-$29.99) I don’t know about you friends but I way over indulged this holiday–which is fine, tis the season…but now the holiday is O-V-E-R it’s time to get myself back on track and put some extra time at the gym. (gray capris-$30//polka dots-$69//theatre district leggings-$48//light gray capris-$26//electric blue-$24.99//gray boy shorts-$45//neon berry boy shorts-$40.95//tuxedo patterned leggings-$29.95) (draw string top-$59.97 // gray pocketed long sleeve-$49.97 // whit sports bra-$35 // yellow cutout tee-$44.97 // tie dye tee-$10.80 //black sports bra-$29 // gray… View Post

Best Last Minute Gift–Gifts That Are NOT Things

I have a mom who has literally EVERYTHING! My bro and I have come up with creative ways to give her great gifts that are NOT things and now that I put my head to it I was thinking there are a lot of people who would probably love receiving gifts that are not actual things. So no need to scramble for last minute gifts! The best gift you can give are not things :). (photo added by me) For… View Post

Ready for Plastic Bag Ban?! – Fold Up Totes!

(L-R: batik fold up tote – $28.49 // tortex ultralite tote – $14 // feed 100 bag – $45) GO California!!! State governor Jerry Brown says he will probably sign the bill on banning single use plastic bags in the state of California! That means if passed only paper bags and reusable bags will be available at stores to customers and they’ll have to pay at least 10 cents to buy one. I personally think this is AWESOME. So in light of… View Post

Good Habits: It’s Going to be Tough…THEN Good

 (via goodreads) Hi friends…have you ever made a big change in your life? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Moving? My awesome brother made quick decision to move across country recently and on his latest visit he confessed that he missed New York, and it hasn’t been easy. My bro is not one to share his feelings and my heart broke in little pieces when I heard the sadness in his voice. But I recognized this feeling all too well…I’ve felt it at… View Post

Good Habits: Cashew Nuts

I have to tell you I’m constantly in awe of the properties of food! My new mainstay is the cashew nut! I’ve been adding them in the salads I bring to lunch and in my blended concoctions and it has been changing my life! Health Benefits of Cashews Copper – Cashews are one of the best sources for dietary copper. Copper helps in the production of melanin that make the color of your hair and skin and connective tissues like elastin,… View Post

7 Ways to Celebrate Easter and Spring with Healthy Food

So tomorrow I’m celebrating Easter with my wonderful family and instead of brining some baked good or candy for my adorable nieces and nephews I started searching for fun ways to bring healthy snacks to this family gathering. And I found such wonderful ways to make some fruits and vegetable just as fun as sugary sweets! So here are 7 of my favorite ways to celebrate spring and Easter with healthy food. 1. Apple Flower Baskets-I love this sweet flower… View Post
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Good Habits: Reduce Your Waste

Global Citizens and Ekocycle are partnering together for a Day Without Waste today. I think we all know the amount of trash is staggering and having this one day to take a look at how we approach waste and what we can do to get into the habit of being less wasteful is a great start! Tips on Reducing Your Waste Always have a tote!!! There are plenty of compact totes like the one below, that you can keep in your… View Post

Good Habits-15 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

(ring available at Smiling Silver Smith here) Yesterday was the UN’s International Day of Happiness so in the spirit of that special day, here are 15 easy ways to make someone’s day! Truth is chances are by making someone’s day you’ll be making you’re own! Happiness is totally infectious! So let’s get to it! 1) If you know someone who’s out sick write them an email with a fun photo or GIF letting them know you miss them. (I did this… View Post

Good Habits…Try Your Best

(source: swissmiss) I absolutely love this quote. Even if you’re not at your dream job I think it’s really important to have integrity in what you do and bring heart into it. I have a wonderful job but even when I didn’t I really did my best and was my best at every place I’ve worked whether that’s been selling glasses or xeroxing a million scripts and I have to say it’s served me well and makes me feel great.… View Post
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