Ethical Studs

So friends, because it is so brutally cold outside my usual ring situation definitely does not work. Frozen little digits are just not my style! Sooooo I’ve been obsessed with studs of all kind. I love that a little post earring can add sparkle or whimsy or edge, depending on how you feel. 1. Mini Shark – $90 // 2. Made Otoua Spike – $33.33 // 3. Pinwheels – $48 // 4. Piedritas –$33.05 // 5. Pink Pear Super Sparkler… View Post
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Say YES! to Sustainable Accessories by Refugees in the US

Friends, I rarely post on crowd-funding campaigns, but Moola-Hoop, a crowd-funding site for female entrepreneurs, sent information on the Say YES campaign and I decided to make an exception(!) and said YES! Say YES is a wonderful collaboration between Open Arms a company that provides fair waged jobs to refugees in Austin, Texas and the women owned eco-conscious brand Blue Avocado. This video is what really made ME say yes to Say YES. The story of Odile is unimaginable and… View Post

What I Wore-Neon Time and Peerless Charm Review

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I have a lovely ethical jewelry brand to share with you along with this sunny neon outfit to start out your week. Peerless Charm is a brand that takes great care in where their materials are sourced; including wire made in the U.S., chain made from a family owned supplier with fair working conditions in China, beads from fair trade and ethical suppliers, and all these lovely jewels are handmade in Illinois. They are a brand… View Post

Consciously Trending: Spring Things

(tear drop vase $18) Well you wouldn’t really know it’s officially Spring here in NY-gray and actually snowy! But that is not going to keep me from dreaming of Spring things. I just treated myself to the above bud vase to hang over my desk. I think it’s a sweet treat to have a flower just for me in my office space. For Spring I’m mostly craving really pretty fresh colored pastels in unexpected places and fabrics and the other… View Post

What I Wore-My New Statement Ring

Do you see my new Nissa Wings Ring?!?! I mean I guess it’s pretty hard to miss. But I absolutely love it! I know it’s a mega statement piece and maybe not for everyone, but I love wearing a piece that just completely stands out. (bling details: bracelets and watch gifted; silver ring: nissa ring via opensky; new wings ring in gold-nissa available here for $28) Besides being the perfect statement ring my new Nissa Wings Ring is made in… View Post

Ethical Finds in Pantone’s Color of 2013

100% Recycled Binder from$5.50 available HERE  Proud Mary Bag 60% off!-$27.50 available HERE Fair trade scarf from SERVV-$22.00 available HERE Fair+True Pleat Print dress from Fashioning Conscience-$102.33 available HERE Oka B. Taylor Vegan flats, made in the U.S.-$42.00 available HERE Fair Trade hand painted plates from GreenHeart Shop-$19.95 available HERE Komodo Fair Trade Floral Blouse from Fashion Conscience-$55.30 available HERE Priti NYC nail polish in Peporomia, on sale!-$9.45 available HERE Melie Bianco Vegan Kim Bag-$104 available HERE Handmade Ring from Given Goods Company-$225 available HERE Fair Trade… View Post

My Favorite Ethical Finds of 2012

One of my favorite things about writing made-to-travel is researching experimenting, reviewing and being inspired by all kinds of new ethical products that I share with you. 2012 was a GREAT year for discovery, so I’d like to reintroduce you to some of my favorite new ethical finds of 2012. 1. Compassion Couture-a fantastic  shop for ethical shoes, bags, and jewelry (seen here) 2. Osborn Shoes-the gorgeous collaborations Osborn did with artists was just amazing (post here) 3. EcoSwim-ethical swimwear… View Post

Ethical Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Hi friends! The famous, or infamous  Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift can be a challenge. The perfect Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift should suit a female or a male but you still want it to feel personal and special. Well I’m here today to give you my picks for an ethical Secret Santa/Grab Bag. A unisex gift  can still be awesome and thoughtful! Recycled Bedside Water Bottle w/ Glass $45: I love the elegance of this gift. Would add luxury to any… View Post
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Ethical Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

A lot of ethical shopping focuses on the ladies but there are tons of great ethical options for the fellas too! So here is my ethical gift guide for the lovely men in your life :). Gifts for Staying In: I love giving a gift that provides a little pampering and leisure :). Aromatherapy Eye Masks-$35.34 Multi Game Box-$36.00 Recycled Railroad Spike Letter Opener-$54.95 New Orleans Restoration Beer Soap-$5.95/bar St. James Infirmary – Frankincense and Myrrh Soap-$5.95/bar Men’s Shawl Collared… View Post

Ethical Evening Wear-The Holiday Office Party

Hi friends! I received a beautiful request from a young reader named Alyssa a few weeks ago. The dear Alyssa is looking for ethical prom/evening wear, a fantastic request since I actually don’t think I’ve done a post on evening wear on made-to-travel! And no better time for ethical evening wear than this holiday season where we’re inundated with holiday occasions….like the holiday office party! The trick for me personally in office holiday parties is you want to look more… View Post

Consciously Trending-Colorful Scarf

(photo source: harper’s bazaar here) I saw this little vignette in Harper’s Bazaar this past September and immediately ripped it out, for you my friends! I feel fall and winter gear tends to be on the neutral/dark/gray side so the addition of a colorful scarf in a soft fabric makes for a really fresh juxtaposition. There are tons of ethical options for this trend that are friendly to your wallet as well :). Here are my picks! If you’re feeling… View Post

My New Sunshine Necklace from Mata Traders

  Isn’t she a beauty?!?! I just ordered this gorgeous ray of sunshine from Mata Traders. All of Mata Traders’ items are made in India using fair trade practices. You can read more about Mata Traders’ fair trade practices here and see where they manufacture their items here. Reading the stories of the women they’ve touched is so inspiring. Not only does Mata Traders’ cooperatives provide these women with jobs, child care, and health insurance they are also creating career… View Post

Falling Whistles

(image sources: Rhianna, Jon Stewart, Beyonce, Gwenyth Paltrow, Ciara) Rhianna, Jon Stewart, Beyonce, Gwenyth Paltrow and Ciara…these celebrities were all spotted supporting the beautiful cause that is Falling Whistles. I have to tell you friends, the first time I heard the story  behind Falling Whistles I completely cried. I like many are familiar and saddened by the practice of recruiting and abducting small children making child-soldiers, but the whistle blowers were a cruelty I did not know of until reading… View Post