I Heart the Internet-Links I Love


Hi friends! If you’re anywhere in the northeast US I hope you’re indoors and toasty or maybe sledding down a snow covered hill!

As I mentioned before I was on the west coast visiting my dear brother and while I was there I went to a lovely shop in Oakland called knimble and I am smitten. Knmible is a buy/trade/sell store similar to a Buffalo Exchange, BUT it also carries fair trade and locally made goods! Basically my dream store! If you’re in the Bay Area, I super recommend you visit a knimble!

Now friends please do enjoy some of my most recent reasons I hearted the internet!

  • Soooooo many GREAT free classes to take on the internet! My mind is blown…also I’m learning to code and the ukulele!!! THANK YOU INTERNET <3.
  • I think every single person should try to do this.

Have a wonderful week, friends!