Ethical Gifts Under $25

So this week is going to be all about crossing off people on your Christmas list! In my life I usually get small little gifts for my cousins and a couple of friends and coworkers, then for the couple of Christmas exchanges/White Elephant Parties/Secret Santa’s I’m a part of—these ethical gifts under $25 are perfect for these occasions!

unisex ethical gifts under 25(you’re a gem pencils (set of 9)-$14 // lucky cats (set of 2)-$23.49 //hot chocolate gift box-$25 //name cards-$25 // recycled shot glasses-$10)

I was thinking of my coworkers when I picked out these unisex ethical gifts under $25. I usually get a little something for the 12 people in my department–nothing crazy just a little something to celebrate the holidays. Pro tips– I love the pencils with little messages, one for each colleague; buy everyone the above shot glass and bring some holiday spirits to take a celebration shot together; write a little message on these name cards for each coworker–they can later reuse as a place to keep reminders! This year I got my colleagues these cute letter openers…I LOVE LETTER OPENERS! One will change your life!

women ethical gifts under 25

(scarf-$24 // tote-$17.52 //clutch-$19.99 // embroidered pouch-$17.50 // heart coffee scoop-$25 // large felt sunflowers-$18 // bracelet-$4.50)

ethical gifts fro men under 25

(ties-$12 // gentleman mem clips (set of 6)-$10 // lumberjack wallets-$24.99 // refillable notebook w. pencil holder-$22 // food guide tea towel-$15 // bullet pen-$26 –sorry! I read this price wrong, it’s not $25)

Gifts are kind of my thing! I really really do enjoy getting the perfect gift for a special someone and watching them opening it and smile. It’s definitely in my top 10 life joys…so happy gifting week, friends!