New Uses for Old Things Part 2

My darling friend Stephanie, of the Loudmouth Lifestyle, is taking a bit of a breather during her last months of pregnancy, so I’m helping her out with New Uses for Old Things Part 2! Check out some handy little news uses for old things over at The Loudmouth Lifestyle HERE! And if you haven’t read part one of New Uses for Old Things–go right on ahead over HERE!         View Post
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Ha! I Made It- DIY Tattooed Shoes

So not every DIY turns out perfect. I had these shoes for a long long while and remember when everyone was painting the toe on their shoes?! Well, I tried that! —it did NOT work out for me. But I really love a pointy kitten heel and these were so comfy and the perfect color tan, I couldn’t throw them out! Then I saw this picture and was inspired and soooooo happy I didn’t get rid of them! I headed… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

  Book Review : In honor of my favorite vacation spot and my 2nd recent trip to Iceland, I’d like to give this big virtual hug to the book LoveStar, by Icelandic writer Andri Magnason. LoveStar is sweet, brilliant and nail biting all at the same time…an amazing novel with a fresh take on what life could be like in the future–HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Now friends please enjoy some of the reasons I hearted the internet recently. THANK YOU INTERNET! for giving a guide to pairing necklaces… View Post
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Ethical Fall Jackets

(L-R: swing trench – $138 // snow parka – $89 //quilted liner jacket – $54) So I’ll finally admit it…it’s just about time for me to wear a jacket! The official start of Fall isn’t till next week, but it definitely has already started feeling like Fall in New York. It’s a little too soon for me (I really love summer!), but on the bright side I heart Fall jackets so much and there are some really great ethical Fall jackets around this season!… View Post

Good Words: Your Words Have Great Power

(photo via Karen Salomansohn) Hi friends, have you ever thought about the power of words? I for one can remember when one of my besties told me that if she had a daughter she’d want her to be just like me (I bawled); but on the flip side I remember when my brother told me I was cruel and ungrateful when I was 13. I truly can remember the very best and the very worst things people have said to me…even from… View Post

What I Wore-Ember Arts

(shirt-old urban renewal // jeans-current elliott via nordstrom rack // bag – cri de coeur // bracelets – gifted and Poplar Bracelet c/o Ember Arts // necklace –Willow Necklace  c/o Ember Arts // shoes-thrifted via red cross) If you know me, you know that I’m a jewelry addict and by far my favorite kind of jewelry is the kind that also does good. When the wonderful people at Ember Arts asked me to try out some of their pieces I was totally… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

(photo via Zimbio) Oh friends, a heavy heart for the beautiful, wonderful, fearless and hilarious Joan Rivers. We truly lost a gem on Thursday when she passed away. Joan Rivers had the ability to reinvent herself better and better, braver and braver, and after every fall she’d get up taller. My review of of the Week is Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work: An honest and brutal look at the exceptional life of Joan Rivers. It’s a documentary that is hilarious and sad and… View Post

Ready for Plastic Bag Ban?! – Fold Up Totes!

(L-R: batik fold up tote – $28.49 // tortex ultralite tote – $14 // feed 100 bag – $45) GO California!!! State governor Jerry Brown says he will probably sign the bill on banning single use plastic bags in the state of California! That means if passed only paper bags and reusable bags will be available at stores to customers and they’ll have to pay at least 10 cents to buy one. I personally think this is AWESOME. So in light of… View Post

Good Habits: It’s Going to be Tough…THEN Good

 (via goodreads) Hi friends…have you ever made a big change in your life? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Moving? My awesome brother made quick decision to move across country recently and on his latest visit he confessed that he missed New York, and it hasn’t been easy. My bro is not one to share his feelings and my heart broke in little pieces when I heard the sadness in his voice. But I recognized this feeling all too well…I’ve felt it at… View Post