Ethical Gifts for Mother’s Day

How on earth did Mother’s Day sneak up on me!? Well if you want to get a treat for your special mama there are a ton of great ethical options for you!

ethical mother's day gifts.jpgLeft Column:

Floral Robe- $72 : I love this pretty robe, feels like spring and robes always feel like a treat to me.

One in a Million Sand Dollar Necklace-$58: I think most people think their mama’s one in a million…I am no exception :).

Mother’s Nesting Necklace-$70-$79:  This necklace is so sweet, if you have siblings you can add them accordingly and gift it from all of you.

Right Column:

Upcycled Sari Duffel-$48: Let your mama know she deserves a vacay…you can even fill it with vacationy things like a towel or sunglasses. All mamas deserve a break.

Heart of the Home Bath Set-$30: No matter where I’ve lived I’ve always called home home because my mama is there. Also this gift from Prosperity Candle comes with a lovely note from the woman who made it, you can read more about their products HERE.

Hanging Brass Frames-$8: Put some sweet tokens or memories in these lovely little frames.

Soup Mixes-$5: You might not be home with your mama but you can still give her a home cooked meal with these soup mixes.

So friends have you found your gifts for Mother’s Day? If not! Hope this was helpful for you :).


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