Good Habits…Try Your Best

bring your heart to work(source: swissmiss)

I absolutely love this quote. Even if you’re not at your dream job I think it’s really important to have integrity in what you do and bring heart into it.

I have a wonderful job but even when I didn’t I really did my best and was my best at every place I’ve worked whether that’s been selling glasses or xeroxing a million scripts and I have to say it’s served me well and makes me feel great.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.31.33 AM(source Humans of New York)

And I think that when you apply doing your best to other parts of your life like cleaning, keeping in touch, budgeting, eating, working out or even pursing your actual dream, whatever your task is it really feels a lot more natural and desirable when you actively think I’m going to do this great.

So whatever it is you’re doing at the moment think to yourself, “I want to do the best I can do” and see where that gets you!