Farewell Google Reader-My 2 Picks for Web Alternatives

This is just a friendly reminder on July 1st Google Reader will no longer be updating your favorite blogs’ RSS feeds. I’ve already made a switch in readers but in case you are waiting till the last moment I decided to help you out :D. I did a test drive on a few RSS Readers and these are my favorite alternatives to the trusty Google Reader. First you must export your subscriptions from your Google Reader! Mashable has a great… View Post

My Cruelty Free Summer Lips

Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitve Lip Tint Energy- $24 and Yes to Carrots Color Balm Rosy Bloom-$5.99 So these are my two summer go to’s for lips this year! In general I’m a pretty low maintenance girl and in the summer I am even lower maintenance. These two options are totally no brainers and always manage to work and are of course cruelty free. For reference, my lips are pretty mauvy and naturally have a deep color. Colors really do look different… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Happy Monday friends!! I have a new goal moving forward with all you lovely readers. I really really want to post MORE! I have tons of ideas in my head but lately I’ve been letting things distract me. No more of that!!! So to get this started right(!) here are some recent reasons why I hearted the internet! Above- THIS MANI is next on my list…FOR SURE. Love the simplicity of it. This lady might be my role model! Confidence=Hatitude. Love.… View Post
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Summer is Here-Ethical Beach Bags

Happy summer!!! Today is officially the start of summer! I plan on getting to the beach super super stat!!! And what better way to get to the beach then to tote some of these fashionable ethical beach bags. Top Row: Discover Carryall-$32; By the Dock Bag-$64; Agnetha Bag-$60.26 $38.63; Envirosax Oxford Bag-$8.95 / Bottom Row: Handmade Raffia Beach Tote $60; Plastic Beach Tote-$240 $48; Mayala Tote Neon-$80; First World Trash Mint Beach Tote-$64 I think these bags are so chic… View Post

San Franciso Trip

Hi friends! So I’ve just arrived back from a wonderful weekend on the west coast. One of my boo’s best friends got married this weekend which warranted a quick trip to San Francisco. I arrived with two of my bf’s good friends and we drove top down about 2 hours away to Healdsburg, CA. P.S- Rent convertibles!!! They are awesomely fun :D. P.P.S-Go to Healdsburg it is beautiful…I wish I had more pictures but sadly my phone was also GPS.… View Post

Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gift-Custom Room Fragrance

(source: Design Sponge) Hi friends! So my daddy happens to be in town for Father’s Day, quite rare occurrence for me since he lives an ocean away. He’s not a man of many things, so it’s always a challenge to get him something. Thank you Design Sponge for the brilliant idea of natural room spritz! Since my daddy lives quite far from me and smell is such a powerful sense for memory, I thought it would be nice to give… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hello friends! New week, new Monday! I have a hectic 2 weeks coming up so to keep you guys a little busy, here are some of the reads that made me heart the internet last week. Enjoy! Above image is from this fun style quiz! It is really hard for me to resist these guys! Adore this post on 10 steps to start achieving your dreams. Shaking my head at 15 major retailers still not signing the Bangladesh safety accord.… View Post

What to Wear-The Ethical Wedding Guest

I don’t know about you friends but summer into fall marks the wedding season for me. I’m definitely at that age where your friends are getting married and having awesomely fun wonderful beautiful weddings! Seeing two people promise to be there for each other for the rest of their lives is something that always touches me…I am so a crier at weddings! But I’m not a girl who likes to buy a one occasion dress. I like wedding guest dresses… View Post

Good Words…On Comparison

If you’re looking at your life, your body, the money you make, your school, your job, or any of your successes compared to someone else’s you will never feel the joy of having what you have. I’ve had to learn and relearn this, and will probably have to relearn it again. But try to remember other people’s successes have nothing to do with your own…so enjoy you!…appreciate you! And enjoy all that YOU have done.   Quote found on swiss… View Post