Good Habits: How to Recycle Lots of Things

(image source, also a great article on recycling) Monday was Earth Day and all week long people have been celebrating this beautiful remarkable planet we all call home. I thought a great way to celebrate Earth week would be to share some ways to keep our planet a little cleaner by recycling! Recycle Old Cell Phones Do you have a little graveyard of old phones? There are several great places to donate your cell phone here are a two of… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

(print available here) Hi friends. This has been a long long hard week. And I really couldn’t let it pass without talking about Boston. Boston is a very very special place for me. I went to college there so while New York will always feel like my home, Boston will always feel like my dear friend.  In its most horrific hour my dear friend Boston and its people have inspired me and I know this place will heal. Now friends… View Post

What I Wore-Upcycled Leather on Pleather and First World Trash Tote

The kind people at First World Trash emailed me to review one of their totes. I chose the fun Lights Beach Tote in slim-$36. As its name suggests this tote is made perfectly for the beach. The Lights Beach Tote is made of recycled vinyl mesh billboards and the straps are made with recycled seat belts. The vinyl definitely makes this tote sturdy enough to keep its shape (important for me!), while the mesh allows for sand to stay at… View Post

Ha I Made It!-DIY New Candles from Old Candles

HOLY MOLY! I made candles!!! I have to say I’ve been researching how to reuse my candles for a few months now. I used to burn candles once in a while, but while I had no heat and electricity for over a week during Hurricane Sandy I kind of burned thru my whole stash! So I had all this candle wax that I didn’t know what to do with and it seemed like such a waste to just chuck it,… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

(photo source) So I wrote a bit of a personal post last Friday and I want to thank you for your kind words and open hearts. Comments are now closed on that post because honestly it was a tad hard for me to read them, but I want to thank you for your thoughts it means a tremendous amount to me…you are all really the best. Now it’s Monday and I thought a happy way to start off the week… View Post

Good Words…On Friendship

(image courtesy of Stuart Miles at by me; quote found here) This is about the truest quote on friendship I’ve ever read. Last week I lost a very very special friend and even now I really can’t imagine that our little world together has come to an end. I won’t have the joy of experiencing him any longer and I won’t have any more moments with him, just memories of him…. gawsh friends, it makes me so so so… View Post

Amour Vert-An Ethical Alternative

Last year when I asked you to think about solutions to your biggest obstacles to being a more conscious shopper, sweet and loyal reader Christine said she’d want to know ethical alternatives to mainstream stores. I really LOVE this idea for a new feature on Made To Travel, but honestly I found it really challenging to match a brand’s complete aesthetic and price point whether it’s an ethical alternative or not. Because I want to give you a real true… View Post