Ethical Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Hi friends! The famous, or infamous  Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift can be a challenge. The perfect Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift should suit a female or a male but you still want it to feel personal and special.

Well I’m here today to give you my picks for an ethical Secret Santa/Grab Bag. A unisex gift  can still be awesome and thoughtful!

Secret Santa Gifts Under 50

  1. Recycled Bedside Water Bottle w/ Glass $45: I love the elegance of this gift. Would add luxury to any bedroom.
  2. Wooden 6 Pack Beer Tote $32: Fill this six pack with your favorite beers for a personal touch.
  3. Cardboard Safari $13-$51: I can’t even lie I have 3 cardboard safari animals in my home! They are super chic and add a bit of whimsy. Made in the USA out of recycled cardboard.
  4. Sushi Roll Beginners Kit $21: Sushi seems to be one of those culinary mysteries to me, I would love to pull this out of a grab bag.
  5. Noqra Scarf $19.99: Scarves are something that both men and women can wear and this print is classic with a lot of style for the lucky dude or dudette who picks this present.
  6. Grow Bottle $35: Grow herbs in your kitchen in style. These upcycled planters are great for your apartment dwelling friends. Comes with planting instructions and seeds.
  7. My Travels World Map $50: Give your Secret Santa a trip down memory lane with this map. Comes with stickers to mark where they’ve traveled or maybe even where they want to go!
  8. Chalkboard Tablet and Stand $37: I totally want this one! Such a simple design and would be perfect to use while cooking a recipe or as a desktop “to do” list.
  9. Eco Cork Wine Rack $20.95-$40.95: What’s great about this wine rack is you can customize it to your space. A single rack is designed to hold 6 bottles!
  10. Organic Mediterranean Bath Towels $9-$76: I love giving gifts that are like little treats :). These towels look really fine and could suit a lady or a dude friend.
  11. Mantra Style Iphone Cases $36.00-$49.46: These iPhone cases are made of bamboo and there are tons of styles. You can even splurge on a custom one for $71.10 for your Secret Santa.

Have some fun with your Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift! My big tip is you should get something you yourself would be thrilled to receive.

P.S!!: Thanks honey for the fantastic post idea!