Where the Goodwill Goes Tour

Friends, I was incredibly lucky to be invited on a tour to the Goodwill NY/NJ headquarters in Astoria last week and it was profound! This tour truly made me love Goodwill even MORE!

I learned so many things about the amazing work of Goodwill and what WE do to help their very worthy mission.

Lesson 1-Nothing Goes to Waste! DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!

I was really under the impression that there are certain things that should NOT be donated. I would never take anything damaged to donate to Goodwill thinking I would  be giving them rubbish that would not help them…but friends this is NOT TRUE!!

image courtesy of goodwill

(L-R: Jose, Sonya, Martha, ME, Faith)

Above is a picture of us in front of aisles and aisles of baled clothing. Most of the items sold in stores are sorted at the store, but items deemed to be unsellable are sent to the sorting center then baled. These bales of clothing are then sold by the pound to manufacturers who recycle the clothing into things like insulation and carpet.

Not only do they recycle linens, clothing, and other fabric materials but Goodwill also recycles your unsellable shoes! So say you lost that flip flop while on vacation do not hesitate to donate it’s lonely pairing to Goodwill!

Shoes are also sold by the pound to manufacturerS who repurpose the rubber and leather into new products! And it doesn’t end there…what about that monitor, keyboard, mouse, remote, game console or camera you’re not using?!

Goodwill tests everything that can be plugged in and what is not usable/sellable is also sold to companies to recycle. Goodwill is even able to take some parts that have been donated and use them in their offices.

So the lesson is DONATE DONATE DONATE! Nothing goes to waste at Goodwill. That shirt with a wine stain that just won’t come out, the outdated mouse, the non working monitor, the solo shoe, your old TV…DONATE!

Lesson 2-Goodwill is AWESOME

Ok so that is not really a lesson, I already knew Goodwill is awesome but the amount of opportunity they provide to people really touched my heart while on my tour.

Above friends is Robert. Robert works in Goodwill’s Industrial Contracts Division. When 21 years ago he was put in a wheelchair he felt there was no where for him to go. He worked as a mechanic before the wheelchair but the places he used to work considered him a liability. He came to Goodwill as a client receiving training and services and then transitioned into an employee. Through Goodwill he’s been able to earn a living and support his family.

Goodwill Industrial Contracts are just one way they are able to provide jobs to people in need. The recycling and sorting that I mentioned earlier is another way Goodwill provides jobs, and there is also GoodTemps-which places people in need 75% of them persons with disabilities, both in long and short term employment.

Lesson 3-Goodwill Makes Bright Futures

So yes Goodwill works a lot with adults in need and they give people like Robert a bright future and a way to provide for themselves, but Goodwill also is dedicated to making future generations brighter.

With after school programs, Good Guides mentoring program, ESL classes and a summer camp. Goodwill reaches out to the youth to better their future.

Friends, I hope this inspires you to shop and donate at your local Goodwill.  Something to keep in mind is that 93 cents of every $1 goes to all the above wonderfulness. So every dollar you spend and every item you donate at Goodwill really goes to their tremendous efforts.

The lovely folks at Goodwill really stressed to us that February is their lowest donation month, so friends they are in need of THINGS! On this long President’s Day weekend how about sorting some goodies for Goodwill!

Warm warm thank you to Jose Medellin, Director of Communications at Goodwill Industries NY/NJ, Martha Gotwals, Customer and Donor Relations Manager and Cait for organizing this trip. I really wish every person could take this little tour and see all the amazing work you do.

Keep track of all sales and general happenings of Goodwill NY/NJ on twitter HERE, facebook HERE and on their blog HERE.



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