I Heart the Internet-Halloween Edition!

Hearted Halloween links. ENJOY! Above- An assortment of fun Halloween manis all from this board on pinterest. I could NOT pick a fave. Best Halloween lights ever! Really friends, get ready to chair dance while watching :). Easy denim inspired costumes-in case you are scrambling! I really really enjoy creative jack-o-lanterns, this list is random/hilarious and this list is kind of crazy and super creepy. I clicked on this article soooo fast! What do you think the most popular costumes… View Post

Smile File-HallowMeme!

So I looooooooooove Halloween! LOVE! Wednesday night I went to the 3rd annual HallowMeme party and had a blast! The kicker of this party was that your costume had to be an internet meme. You know I heart the internet and this party is kind of a internet nerd’s dream. Do you know what we are?!?!? OMIGOSH! I’ll tell you! So there has been an odd trending topic this year in stock imagery of photos of “woman laughing with salad”.… View Post

Shop for MORE-I Can Serve

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I know that you have probably been made aware of a lot of great work to bring awareness to this monster of a cancer but I could not let this month pass without extolling the amazing work of probably one of my biggest role models; my dear cousin in the Philippines, breast cancer survivor and founder of iCanServe Foundation. This month Swatch has teamed up with iCanServe to create this watch. The… View Post

Links á la Mode

Friends,  I was so happy to see my DIY Snakeskin print tee made it onto IFB’s Links á la Mode. I personally think the other DIYS listed below are really awesome so be sure to check them out! Thanks always IFB! You guys rock the house.   When Style Bloggers Turn Haute DIY Designers…. By Jessie Thorpe, Denimology   As fashion bloggers, we look for great fashion at affordable prices. Unfortunately, most times high fashion comes at a substantial price… View Post

What I Wore-His and Hers Snakeskin

  Ok, so not a true true outfit post, but over the weekend the BF and I discovered we had both bought new faux snakeskin shoes. on me-urban outfitters (available here); on the boy- vans (bought here, um this store is kind of sexy) You can see my little fall secret with flats and jeans. I actually tuck them into my flats creating kind of a stirrups look. No one every notices and it keeps my feet a bit warmer… View Post

I Heart The Internet

Happy Monday, friends! Here are hearted links to start your week. Above: Hi tweed run!!! You’re cute! Who knew it was so easy to dye with veggies and fruits?! I’m a little obsessed with the jewelry of a merry mishap. I’m a 90’s girl :D, so 5 Reasons to Buy 90’s Vintage for Spring made me happy. I am drooling over EVERYTHING in this eco-friendly fall roundup. This 16 year old has really flawless style. I SWEAR! Below: notes on… View Post

WAAAAY More Than Fashion-The DMD Fashion Show

Last week I introduced you to my models for the Goodwill Industries NY/NJ Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) Fashion Show in conjunction with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities. In case you’re just tuning in I was one of a handful of bloggers asked to style 3 brilliant models with visible and non-visible disabilities in business attire for a fashion show honoring National Disability Awareness Month. Above is the whole gang! Models, bloggers and organizers. (Back Row… View Post

What I Wore-A Bit of Lace

Last month I attended an engagement party and as I walked out the door I had a tee hee moment because I realized my whole ensemble cost me about $60 bucks! (dress-thrifted from keiko lynn; bag-thrifted; shoes calvin klein via dsw; arm party-gifted; ring made her think) I got sooooo many compliments on this dress and it cost me $2 (that’s TWO DOLLARS) at the Blogger Closet Raid over the summer. The dress was crafted by the flawless Keiko Lynn… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Last week is kind of a blur, I was so super busy in awesome ways…so it was a great kind of happy tornado blur. BUT, as a true internet addict I still spotted and hearted these gems to start your week my friends.   Above: Whhhhy I did not know about this tumblr is a mystery! Thank you Kendall for introducing me to Feminist Ryan Gosling…swoon. FYI! If you like peanut butter go stock up now! In a couple of… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – Snake Print DIY

I don’t do as many diy posts as I’d like to but I finally got around to trying one of my many pinned diys because I of course stained my fave tee (it’s ok I have extras, duh). This DIY is inspired by …love Maegan. …love Maegan utilizes the new Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers, which I sadly don’t own. As you can see above per usual of her diys it’s totally flawless. So be sure to take a lookie here.… View Post

My Models Last Night

Last night was the DMD Fashion Show thrown by the fantastic people at Goodwill Industries NY/NJ and the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. I had the BEST TIME EVER, definitely a banner event that I’ve experienced in blogging. (vest-rachel roy; shirt-Calvin Klein thrifted at goodwill; jeans-uniqlo; shoes-payless; scarf-goodwill) (notice the escalators! 3 floors of goodwill!) In case you missed my post last week on the DMD Fashion Show, I was one of a handful of bloggers… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Happy Monday friends!!! Hope you all had a joy filled weekend. Here are some hearted links to start your week! Above, the dreamy passion fruit interpreted into gorgeous fashion. LOVE LOVE this post! “Beauty is subjective…Never let anyone tell you what’s beautiful” and other fashion lessons to learn from Tom Ford. Eep!!!! Brutal winter predicted. These three incredible women awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in women’s rights. Can you take a compliment?-read how you can and the… View Post