Shop for MORE Treat-Meet THE Ethical Bella

This Shop for MORE edition is a treat indeed because I am bringing you one of my most favorite bloggers on everything ethical, the Finnish born beauty Annabella Asvik from the blog Ethical Bella.

matt & nat jewelry on ethical bella; click on image to be directed to post

I approached Annabella for an interview because I think her taste is flawless and her ethical finds fantastic. I was delighted to find that Annabella is 1) literally a ray of sunshine and positivity and 2) more beautiful in life…inside and out.

Despite the soft launch of her ethical fashion and beauty store Missqa on August 15th, this gem of a woman took the time see me in DUMBO for some beverages and a chat.

Annabella met me in ethical fashion super chic head to toe. On Annabella: SHOES: (not shown) vegan crocodile print sandals by Natalie Portman for TeCasan DRESS: Ivana Basilotta semi-transparent white summer dress, made of modal, JEWELRY: Ruff and Cut ethically sourced citrine earrings Aurora, BELT: handmade from a little market in Cape Town, South Africa, BAG: Matt &Nat vegan handbag with shoulder chain, lining made of 21 recycled plastic bottles.

At the young young age of 7 Annabella decided she wanted to become a vegetarian and she credits this thought to her start in becoming an ethical consumer.

But Annabella’s road to cruelty free fashion was NOT a fast track- she took small steps to better her purchasing habits.

“So my first step to develop into the way I’m consuming today was first I stopped using leather bags and leather shoes and then little by little I stopped using wool and then little by little I stopped using silk….and once I was only using cruelty free fabrics then I became a lot more conscious on the effect of clothing production on the planet and on people.

So then that made me research a ton about what kind of working conditions people work in…I started making choices that would not only benefit animals but would also benefit the planet and the people.”

fin oslo on ethical bella; click image to be directed to post

Annabella and I were chatting about her family and friends who she’s inspired to be more conscious consumers, including her mom who is now a vegetarian and her sister and business partner, Viola, who is now a vegan and this idea of inspiring more compassionate consumers came to fruition.

“Where we have the most power to change the world…is how we consume, especially women. If you think about it women make the majority of all the purchases in the United States and probably in the world.

The way we consume, every choice we make, we make so many choices everyday on what we buy and if we make compassionate or a green choice in all of those or even a majority of those items we purchase we can literally change the world with the way we consume.”

melie bianco on ethical bella-click image to be directed to post

 What I love about Annabella and by extension Ethical Bella is that while there is a definite focus on ethical brands and cruelty free sustainable products the FASHION and BEAUTY is still there.

fit eco exhibit on ethical bella; click image to be directed to post

“As an eco-friendly and vegan girl at the same time I’m a shopper and I love the shopping experience and I love buying new things and I love looking pretty and fashionable and stylish and sexy…I want to be able to also live that lifestyle while at the same time living according to my values and I think it’s possible if you make the right choices.”

With all that in mind Annabella is opening ethical fashion and beauty boutique Missqa, with her sister based in Helskini, Finland but shipping all over the world.

The passion and the excitement she has for the products is really palpable. Annabella and her sister really took the time and care to curate beauty items and fashion they have personally tried and Annabella tells me every item that will be in their boutique is there because it has blown them away.

Annabella had to run to an appointment but I had one last question for my ethical fashion and beauty guru!

What do you think the first step can be for ANY person to be a more ethical shopper and compassionate consumer?

“I think the easiest way is to start small…the first thing and the easiest way is to start with whatever you need at the moment. So say you run out of nail polish so then you go and buy Scotch, a brand new brand which is really exciting and non-toxic.

And then when you run out of something else, for example you’re looking for a new tank top or t-shirt you start searching an eco-friendly option for that… that’s how I turned over both my beauty cabinet and my closet…because it would be for most people, including me, unaffordable just to go throw out everything and buy all new things…

So every time you run out of something!…  you’re looking for a new pair of platforms or black heels you look for something to replace it that’s ethical…and then slowly and little by little you change over your whole wardrobe and your beauty cabinet.”

doucetteduvall on ethical bella-click image to be directed to post

Thanks so much Annabella for spending a bit of time with me I can’t wait till we meet up again!!! I’m wishing Missqa all the success in the world and have so much fun in Helsinki!

So friends! Don’t you love Annabella’s approach to going ethical?!?! I personally have been doing this for a bit of time and I now have all ethical products in my laundry, hair and facial regiments. And really it was soooo simple to do!

I strongly recommend subscribing to Ethical Bella, here! And following Annabella on twitter here! Annabella does GREAT makeup tutorials with all ethical and natural beauty products (we’re talking about making me over in October ;)) and has impeccable taste when it comes to fashion.

Also keep in the loop with Annabella’s boutique, Missqa by subscribing to their newsletter here, and/or like their Facebook page here.



  1. Oh to Be a Muse August 10, 2011 / 3:09 pm

    i really like how ethical her fashion sense is–definitely inspiring. it would be great to get to that level some day.

  2. Casee Marie August 10, 2011 / 10:10 pm

    What a lovely and fascinating post, J! I loved reading through it. She has such charming style and really makes ethical fashion attainable – not intimidating like it can easily seem to be. So nicely done!

  3. UN-stitched August 10, 2011 / 10:37 pm

    What a great interview, Jamillah! I love what she says about taking small steps. And my gosh, her outfits are all very beautiful! I have to check out that shoe company of Natalie Portman’s. Do you have a post on ethical shoes that I may have missed???
    Hope you are well!

  4. Aquí August 11, 2011 / 3:47 pm

    um, OK, could this woman be any more gorgeous?! Her style is amazing! I adore the purple dress and that cute dog!! This is such a great interview, I love her thought process behind it all! Very inspiring!

  5. zarna August 11, 2011 / 3:57 pm

    wow, she’s gorgeous!!

  6. Marissa August 11, 2011 / 5:25 pm

    So she’s beautiful, stylish, sweet AND has the dog of my dreams? This is just not fair. 😉

  7. The Compassion Fashion Project August 11, 2011 / 7:39 pm

    She is very low-key glamour AND fabulous. Amen to many things she said! Although I can’t do the vegetarian/vegan thing…I love my salmon:-)

  8. jane @ The Borrowed Abode August 12, 2011 / 10:04 am

    This is fantastic!
    I’m amazed at how my vegetarian / vegan friends are so concerned with animal welfare, yet do the bulk of their clothes shopping at places like WalMart and Target. I’ve come to believe that if you feel strongly about animal rights, you should also feel strongly about human rights.

    I’m glad to find a new blogger to follow!!

  9. noelani zervas August 13, 2011 / 1:27 pm

    Gawd, she is lovely (holy stunning) and has such a great approach to being green. The little things do add up (as I like to remind my husband all the time). Fabulous interview and I can’t wait to check out her line.

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