What I Wore-Date Night with The Voice

If you follow me on twitter you might have an idea that me and the BF’s favorite date night activity so far this summer has been staying in and watching NBC’s The Voice.

This is what I wore to our last date night with The Voice.

First we grabbed some dinner at our go-to Italian place in Queens, Pasta Lovers. This place doesn’t look like much but the food is delicious.

I’m sorry, but I think my BF has one of the best arms around :D.

Do NOT leave me with crayons…I will doodle, I can’t help it.

So if you were thinking The Voice is a redundant show…there is an American Idol and an America’s Got Talent already blah, blah, blah…YOU ARE SO WRONG! I am a huuuge fan of real meritocracy shows. I love television that showcases real talent and promotes authentic artists (ahem, So You Think You Can Dance?), The Voice is a stellar show to add to this list and it has a super fresh take on these kinds of competitions.

These friends, were the 4 finalists in Season 1 of The Voice.

L-R: Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, & Javier Colon

How cute are they?!?! Seriously, they produced some of the most inspiring, knee slapping, goose bumps inducing performances on TV for me ever.

But they are not the only components to the show. There are also 4 coaches who are competing to be the discoverer of The Voice. The coaches are competitive, engaging, and crazy passionate about their contestants and this competition.

L-R: Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Cristina Aguilera, Cee Lo Brown, & Blake Shelton

And so am I!!! I don’t know how this will effect my cool factor but I would cry and occasionally yell “GET IT!” while watching the performances of The Voice. And the BF and I would high-five on result nights and not mock high-five, REAL high-five with a YEAH! at the end of it.

So the BF was/is obsessed with the second place winner of this season’s The Voice, the gorgeous and talented Miss Dia Frampton. He was a fan of Dia’s band before the show and her amazing renditions of Kanye Wests’ “Heartless” and R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion”, really took the obsession to another level (you can watch both videos here).

I’ve been subtly tweeting Dia Frampton (@diaframps) in the hopes that she will tweet my dear BF (@mikesteamboat) because it would make his life at this point. Seriously, he voted for Dia 101 times in the final voting day ALONE!

There’s my honey voting for Dia…see how he’s counting?! Bahahaha, cutie.

Sorry Dia did not win honey, but she didn’t look even a bit disappointed! There is totally no bad blood in this competition and Mr. Javier Colon is really a wonderful talent and I was really thrilled he took it home.

Oh! I digressed so much from my outfit but I really wanted to share my love of The Voice and my BF’s love of Dia Frampton and give him a big virtual hug because he was so sad when she didn’t win. I’m really interested to see if next season will be as compelling as The Voice’s first season, I honestly can not imagine how it can maintain this level of excellence. EXCITING!

dress-ASOS; slip (not shown)-thrifted; shoes-target; watch, bangles, & name ring gifted

Does everyone see my new rings!!?! Big hugs and thank you’s to Marissa, Kateri and Ashley who tolerated my forever long debate between gold and silver (shame face). You ladies are the greatest kinds of friends :). And another thank you to Best of Brooklyn for tweeting the sample sale for Made by Her Think. I’ve had a crush on their rings for ages.

P.S.-My BF got us tickets to The Voice on tour!!!!


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