A Groupon Service for Ethical Products?! YEP! Meet blissmo!

It’s no secret that I have a love for ethical brands (see all the love here). I really believe in the potential of people and their goodness and it is one of my goals through this blog to bring you ethical brands that you can be excited about.

Well, I am not alone in wanting to spread the wonderful world of ethical shopping. Friends, please allow me to introduce you to blissmo.

I found blissmo on twitter. They started following me and I started investigating them.

The wonderful people at blissmo provide a  Groupon/Lifebooker type service EXCEPT(!) blissmo only partners with brands who have ethical practices.

“Our team works to cut through the “green washing” out there and find high quality, well-loved products & services that are either certified as organic or eco-friendly, or that have a people & planet positive approach in the DNA of the business.” From blissmo’s website.

Blissmo sends daily emails with savings that range from 35%-70% off retail on ethical brands and services!

And if those savings are not enough for you blissmo has generously offered MY READERS (a.k.a YOU) 10% off your blissmo purchase good thru the month of May! That is potentially 80% off of retail!! Subscribing to their emails is free(!) so subscribe HERE so you won’t miss a deal.

The 10% off promotional code is “sften0ff”. Just enter it in upon checkout. THANK YOU BLISSMO!

So friends, here are are some goods blissmo has offered in the past.

When I first clicked on blissmo Keza was their featured deal:

Obviously that got my attention! Learn more about Keza here and on blissmo here. Keza is a beautiful brand that has grown from a non-profit to benefit women in Rwanda to a business and I would’ve never known about them if it wasn’t for blissmo.

And it doesn’t stop at fashion blissmo has featured beauty products!

“Lifelong friends and co-founders, Ann Webb and Joanna Marceaux created Skin Organics to give people an affordable and natural way to look and feel younger.”

Yeah, I will be investigating Skin Organics at my local Whole Foods promptly. You can read more about Skin Organics on their site here or on blissmo here.

Oh and I hope they re-list this deal from To-Go Ware.

The deal on To-Go Ware was: $25 for a Forest Green 3-Tier Tiffin & Carrier Bag Combo and Avocado RePEaT Utensil Set.

And I am totally sad, sad, sad for missing the 40% savings from Way Basics!!

Way Basics utilizes zBoards, “zBoards are made almost entirely (99%) from post-consumer recycled paper, and do not consume additional natural resources like trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper.” If you are doubting the usability of these cubes please go and be convinced by a stop to Way Basic’s design gallery HERE.

Well friends, those are just some of the deals blissmo has shared in the past with its subscribers. Sad you missed something too? SIGN UP it’s free and you will be kept posted on all of blissmo’s wonderful savings!

So here is today’s saver from blissmo!

Have you heard of Abe’s Market?! Others’ have! Here is just some of the press they’ve received:

See Abe’s Market press room here.

Abe’s Market has a wonderful array of natural products ranging from baby to beauty from food to home decor. They also have one of the best customer satisfaction situations around: 60 days return and a price guarantee! Abe’s Market clearly wants you happy!

The deal on blissmo today is $20 redeemable $40 at Abe’s Market!! Plus the 10% off for you, my lovely readers makes the deal $18 worth $40 at Abe’s Market!

Here are some of the things I can NOT wait to get my hands on from Abe’s Market!

Reusable shopping totes, sandwiches and snacks reusable bags, wine rack and anti-oxidant cleansing cream all from Abe’s Market, click images to be directed to products.

In case today’s deal is not for you keep track of blissmo‘s other offers by subscribing to their emails here or following them on twitter here. You can take advantage of the 10% off discount code (sften0ff) till the end of May and I’m sure blissmo will have something for YOU.

Other past savings from blissmo:Oliberte, Mojo and Dress Me Up.

I hope you are as excited about blissmo as I am. Their business is built on the idea that people WOULD shop more ethically if they knew where to buy quality ethical brands. Yes, the savings are great but what founder Sundeep Ahuja has observed is the discovery of the brands is what is most valuable to blissmo customers.

Ahuja says blissmo’s mission is to address global issues, “by shifting consumption patterns” and I could not agree more with this strategy, (see interview with Ahuja here).

If more ethical brands were in the general dialogue of your buying habits it WOULD make a difference and companies like blissmo are really propelling you to MAKE that difference.

Because I adore you my friends I’m going to have the offer code up on my sidebar (top right corner) till the end of May. So once you find a deal for you come back over and take advantage of blissmo’s generosity. I truly hope you enjoy everything blissmo has to offer-again subscribe via email HERE and follow their deals on twitter HERE.

Happy shopping for MORE, friends!!!