Happy Earth Day!

Some Earth Day inspiration for you :). All images linked to their sources, have fun!

I heart Cri de Coeur makers of HOT vegan accessories.

The Museum of Arts and Design in NY had an exhibit called Second Lives. I didn’t get to go and I totally still regret not seeing these things in life :(.

Ooooh I saw these market bags from Artecnica at Sustainable NY and they are so so pretty and modern, would be lovely for a day at the beach. SUMMER! These guys are made from recycled billboards.

Or you could make your own market bag :).

The ladies at Honestly… WTF diy market bag from an old tee.

I LOVE the This to That Contest  going on at Urban Outfitters, spotted on Milk Teeths.

I used to work in eyeglasses and have a deeeeep love for them. Check out MODO‘s eco friendly line. MODO makes this eyewear from recycled plastic and metal AND they plant a tree with every purchase. AWESOME :).  Learn more here.