Crushing on Nail Rings

Oh man, oh man…I have no idea why I am so ga ga over these little guys, but I want one stat!

Anna-Sara Dåvik spotted on Style Pantry:

I am NOW obsessed with finding an affordable version that is comparable to the simple and clean look of Anna-Sara Davisk’s design (and then of course sharing it, winky). You can buy one or the complete 10 finger Anna-Sara Dåvik set here…I would personally only want one, BUT I would not hate on a girl wanting to wear them all :).

Unfortunately these pretty ladies are not at my price point for a nail ring so I turned to google and found this guy on The Nail Polish Exhange:

I commented begging for details, but no response yet…crossing my fingers that she’ll get back to me.

Also spotted this guy from shefinds…posted last year?! How did I miss this?! Although it’s sold out and would’ve been out of my price range ($162) I could have been stalking this item last year!

Sigh…I will continue to stalk.

P.S.- I can not believe I’ve been blogging for almost a month and this is the first time I’ve mentioned nails!!! So strange b/c I am the biggest fan of fun nails…well, I highly recommend b/c for me it is a wonderful thing to have an easy reason to smile at your fingertips.