Crushing on Leather Everything

I am in love with wearing leather. I’ve shown you my black leather shorts, black leather mini skirt (both here), and leather paneled dress (here). I’m looking forward to wearing my leather things sans tights in spring’s warmer weather. But my mind was blown when I came across this spring leather post on Style Pantry. (click images below to be directed to post on Style Pantry) Leather in fun colors! So I went on an Etsy hunt for some affordable… View Post
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Smile File-Bill Cunningham New York

I went to see Bill Cunningham New York at the Film Forum last night. The Documentary is an incredible portrait of the one of a kind street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. I have never seen, heard, or met a person so completely fulfilled by their work and ferociously committed to doing it their way.   Cunningham also seems to have all the good intentions in the world. His demeanor is kind and gentle and his genuine interest in people and… View Post

What I Wore…Why is it Still Winter?!

So the winter chill continues. I feel like this cold weather is way overstaying its welcome. Rude, rude winter. Sunday One of my dearest friends hosted a clothing swap last fall and this heart sweater guy is one of my finds there. Everyone walked away with fantastic things and she was kind enough to haul the unwanted items to goodwill. P.S.- Clothing swaps=best thing ever! It was really fun to see things that didn’t quite work on meΒ  completely work… View Post
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Smile File-Aqui Giveaway

So I’m new to blogging but what I found to be my most favorite thing is meeting wonderful people. This lovely lady is a bff via blogging. (click any image to be directed to aqui) Ain’t she gorgeous?! Her life is pretty beautiful too: Aqui is wonderful for many reasons: 1) she is truly lovely; 2) she is traveling all the time!!! I love seeing her experiences in Brazil, Argentina, and now Uruguay; 3) She has generously brought her readers… View Post

Smile File-Ballerina Project

I was just wondering where the Ballerina Project went. Hadn’t been getting feeds from them in my google reader and voila they tumble πŸ™‚ So dreamy their images. Happy weekend friends! p.s- I tumble too πŸ™‚ View Post

Store Highlight- Imani

I read about Imani on The Compassion Fashion Project. (click on any image to buy) The Zion Project is an organization that aims to heal and empower war-effected women and girls in Africa; Imani is their store. I completely fell in love with all the bright colors in so many of their necklaces.   These women are paid fair trade wages and many of the necklaces use recycled paper, sorted by color and then meticulously made into beads. So theses… View Post
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Crushing on Cat Eyes

Cat-Eye Sunglasses by made-to-travel featuring tortoise sunglasses I am seriously desiring bold, tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses. These are some I’m crushing on from a distance because alas I can not afford. Crossing my fingers on future thrifting excursions. P.S- my first Polyvore! I promise I’ll get better. View Post
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Smile File 3.24.11- For the BF

Thank you honey, I’m one lucky girl. I wish that everyone in this whole wide world finds someone as supportive as him. I am so grateful. We spotted this shirt on our stroll back from late lunch at Alphabets on Avenue A. View Post
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I <3 The Internet-Dating, DIYs, Giveaways and ya know, General Awesome

Lovely finds on the internet – click any image for source. Stylish Thought had THE BEST set of dating tips I’ve ever read! Have a read here.     Spotted on Woo! – Fun oven mitt πŸ™‚     H&M gives me more and more reasons to shop there. Another socially inspired line from this megastore. GO H&M :D- spotted on Racked. 10% of all sales go to Non Violence Project Foundation.                … View Post
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Smile File- 3/22/10…Metrocard Mobile

click for source A piece at the Sloan Fine Art gallery’s exhibit “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again.” Gawsh, I even love the title of the exhibit. The pieces benefit Transportation Alternatives and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC ARTS. People are great πŸ™‚ View Post
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What I Wore…Miss Jackson and Bidding for Good

Friday night was pretty ah-maaaazing! Ahhhhhh Miss Jackson! – The tour is for her Number Ones album. This was the set list: It was everything I wanted to hear and Janet totally killed it! She looked fantastic and totally lit up the whole place just by smiling. She had lots of awesome costume changes and choreography straight from her old videos. It was a big dance party at Radio City πŸ˜€ And this is what I wore: A little sassy… View Post

For the Boys…Music and Mayhem

Treats for the boys… SOME MUSIC: Can you guess the music icon by outfit!?- I KNOW YOU CAN HONEY! Found on Mental Floss. I would’ve completely got a couple of these posters from Moxy Creative for the boy, but he has NO SPACE!Β  Sorry hun. But now it makes the blog, so not a complete loss. The prints are $30. There are also solo guys like this one: Or movie guys (loooove these guys)! Like these:        … View Post