Shop for MORE than Style- Kate Spade

I like the idea of a morning smile…so here is something for your smile file for Monday:

Kate Spade and Women for Women International

image credit- via DANS MON BOUDOIR

How gorgeous are these baskets and this project?!?  The WfWi says: “we were all so excited when we saw these pictures that we knew we had to give you a sneak preview of our upcoming collection. later this month, on our website and in our shops, we’ll unveil the colorful, carry-everywhere spring bags being created by women in rwanda through our hand in hand partnership with women for women international (wfwi). we found it amazing to see all of these women using craft skills passed down through generations to create and sell products that will help them support themselves and their families.” -love…smile 🙂 Can’t wait! Crossing my fingers I can afford them.

Their previous project with women from Bosnia is on sale!


So gorgeous and cozy looking!!! Description of the item from “stay cozy all season long with this wool pom-pom scarf, entirely hand-knit by women in bosnia through our hand in hand partnership with women for women international. this extraordinary organization provides women in war-torn countries the resources they need to move from a state of crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.” Buy here!

Have a wonderful Monday internet 🙂

P.S- I’m really digging my outfit today 😀