I <3 the Internet…Week of 2/26/2011

Some reasons I loved the internet this last week (sorry, busy weekend): This pic from the glamorai: And holler those are F21 earrings πŸ˜‰ Spotted on Woo! Happy day and Crappy Day rings… You can buy them at Weasel Factory’s etsy store here. Well that’s a clever craft: Spotted on Craft:’s flickr pool round up here.     Sniffy Pens!!!! Neatorama πŸ˜€       Ok, I totally appreciate knight cat’s teeny Kate Bosworth obsession now…below pics were posted the… View Post
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Smile File…2/28/2011

I totally need this ring this today…so tired from the weekend: Lol, spotted on design milk here. View Post
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What I wore…Melo week!

I’m a huuuuuge Knicks fan! I grew up around tons of boys and sports so a deep love for the Knicks was instilled in me at birth…I mean there are pictures of me as teeny tiny girl in Knicks tees…so this fandom runs deep and long! And let me tell you attending games during the Isaiah years ROUGH and actually physically painful. Tuesday morning after Melo trade πŸ˜€               The trade of Carmelo Anthony… View Post

Smile File…2.24.11-MONDO!

I’m sorry another Mondo Guerra post, I’m completely in awe of him…he just makes my heart melt b/c I really feel he’s trying to live his best life. Mondo making good and giving back to his community @Pozitiviy Project…I posted about it here: @ Denver Goodwill:   Mondo (hopefully) making money in this HP spot… How cute is he in orange and purple with the checked tie?! Mondo is said to be previewing a line during L.A. fashion week in… View Post
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Site Shoutout…Svpply

Oh boy! Svpply is trouble! Like MAJOR trouble…I mean in the best kind of way. I stumbled onto Svpply via Miss Moss‘s guest blog on Cup of Jo and poof there goes an hour of my time. Svpply is a site that provides a way to kind of curate the things you want to buy later and you can follow people who suit your taste to see what they want to buy AND you can filter by price/gender/home/accessories/apparel. These are… View Post

Smile File…2.22.2011- Angry Birds CAKE!

Spotted on Neatorama: this boy’s face in front of a playable Angry Birds birthday cake his dad made him. I have a thing about cakes being more than cakes. They make me really really happy…Oh you’ll see… View Post
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Something for the fellas…installment 1

New category of post!!! The idea for this category came to me for 2 reasons: 1) The boy totally reads my blog and I would like him to have some eye candy for himself. HIIIIIII HONEY!!! – winky winky winky face. 2) I completely struggle with figuring out what to get boys. I figure you might have the same head scratching moment when shopping for the men in your life so I’d like to share my discoveries with you (smile).… View Post

What I Wore….week of V-day

So this doesn’t capture everything…but I’m rethinking outfit posts and how I want to do them so I haven’t really been as diligent with taking pics. BUT! I did want to share my small obsession with leather at the moment. V’day outfit: I bought the leather skirt maybe 4/5 years ago and never wore it till last year! It was $20 bucks at some random sample sale and NOW I loooooove it! LOVE! Perhaps over the years I’ve slowly acquired… View Post
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I <3 the Internet

Just a few things that made me love the internet this week… Glamorai’s DIY dress: Her inspiration is a totally affordable at forever 21- for the non-crafty folk…thanks Glamorai! Buy the F21 inspiration dress here. I looooove wearing white. It’s my fave and I personally think it looks so damn good on everyone. I went gaga over Twitch Vintage’s gathering of white dresses…now THIS is how I like to wear white. White Dresses Here Here Here Here Here Here Here… View Post
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And THIS is how one item can brighten your day :)

My work day was reaaally difficult…got out late, was workin’ non-stop all day, and got along with no one. Sigh, some days are just more difficult than others. BUT thank you universe! For delivering my new jacket which really just made me so happy. I posted about my purchase from Style by Marina here. And voila! Here it is and the many ways it works!! So the 2 largest pics (full coat and vest w/ hood) are my fave ways… View Post
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Smile File…2/16/2011

“…you really are the shadow standing in your own sunshine.” Fabio Vivianni/Top Chef Just sayin’ friends πŸ˜‰ SPOILER ALERT!!! DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED TOP CHEF ALL-STARS FROM LAST WEEK!!! Fabio Vivianni/Top Chef said this right after he got cut from the Top Chef All-Stars! Uhg I love him and I love and can totally relate to this quote. You can follow Fabio’s blog here. I just discovered it and am so angry with myself for just NOW knowing… View Post
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Store Highlight- Super Duper Things on Etsy

I adore this necklace: Super Duper’s store has beautiful things but this bunting necklace for $12.50 is my fave. Go visit Super Duper here.   View Post
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