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Hello friends! Happy first week of Fall! Even though the weather’s cooler I feel like it’s still a wonderful time to garden…maybe an even better time than Summer! My new apartment has GREAT light and a balcony, so if you follow me on instagram or pinterest you may have noticed I’ve become a little obsessed with all things plants, making my review of the week super relevant :). Review of the Week: The Urban Garden Center in Harlem is one of my… View Post

What I Wore / Get the Look-Oh Hello Fall

Hi Fall and HIIIIIEEEEE ya’ll!!! I’m so so happy to be back :). If you remember this year was kind of a benchmark of a year for me and with work being crazy I decided I needed to take some time off. Hope you had a beautiful summer and are excited for Fall! I really really love the Summer into Fall transition– it allows me to still wear shorts (all-time favorite bottom) and break out some cozier items like this sweater.… View Post

Happy 4th of July – Ethical Red, White and Blue

(makeup bag-$29.99 via ToThe Market) Happy Friday, friends. This weekend the United States will be celebrating our Independence Day, so I thought best way to leave you for the weekend is with some ethical finds in our nation’s colors of red, white and blue. I actually really love our colors and think they work great all year long, so I hope you find something here to take with you well past the 4th of July. tie dye tunic-$68 // edleweiss… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Dearest friends, if you’re into fashion or photography you probably heard New York Times’ prolific and legendary photographer Bill Cunningham passed away on Saturday. I occasionally saw Cunningham around town on his bike–he trolled midtown Manhattan for his subjects and he was a revered presence at every fashion week, Gatsby party, and many other NY events I attended. While Cunningham was the father of street fashion photography, what always struck me is the joy that he had on his face while taking pictures and… View Post

Favorite Ethical Home Things!

Hi friends!! Back from another bit of hiatus! I moved into my brand new home and have been so super busy decorating, renovating, unpacking and in general living my life :). I’ve missed you guys and am super excited to share some of my favorite ethical home buys as wells as some deeply desired ethical home faves. Ahhh!!! I love my new home so much!! We’re actually foregoing curtains in the living room and getting one more of these Hanging Window Plant… View Post

Ethical Spring Basics

It’s finally starting to feel a little like Spring! Yay!! Tulips are springing up and trees are in bloom, makes me so happy! Time to get ready with some ethical Spring basics to add or forage in your closet. Spring Colored Tote (pixan tote $56): Even if you’re wearing all black this lovely tote from Global Goods Partners will add Spring to your outfit! The Perfect Necklace (double bar necklace $29): I love that this necklace can be worn 2 ways!… View Post

New Uses for Old Things- DIY Planters

(photo via Lana Red Studio) Hi friends! In honor of St. Patrick’s day I thought I would do a New Uses for Old Things green –as in plants!–edition. I’m super excited about all the green I see sprouting in New York right now and obsessed with my new sweet little balcony :), so great time to talk DIY planters! Disco Ball Planter by a Bubbly Life -SO CUTE! Especially love it in this pink disco ball situation. Will definitely be looking for… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Happy Monday friends!! Review of the week: Before I went to the Philippines I desperately needed a new light weight Spring jacket I bought Everlane’s Anorak in Stone($98) and I’m soooo in love with it! It’s perfectly loose but still rather shapely, water resistant and a great piece to have now that we’re heading into Spring! Yay! Now please enjoy some recent reasons I hearted the internet. The most BRILLIANT and simple trick to keeping a tidy house. Major major crush on… View Post

Stay Healthy

Since I’ve been traveling and in the midst of purging and moving to the new place I’ve been deathly afraid of getting sick! Colds and flus are running rampant around me and I have no time to get sick and laid up in bed, so I’ve been more cautious than ever in keeping myself healthy and so far so good!! Let me just preface this post with I am clearly not a doctor, I’ve been practicing the below and have… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

(photo via NYT)  Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?! I typically don’t watch award shows, but I honestly wanted to see how Chris Rock would handle his monologue in all the #oscarssowhite controversy –so my review of the week goes to him. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone who could’ve done a better job–he addressed the situation head on and I really respected his comedy for tackling while simultaneously ribbing a heated debate. In case you missed Rock’s monologue you can… View Post

Ethical Cozy Indoors

(santiago wool blanket $84.99) Like I mentioned, I’ve been really really into home things because of the new home to be :). The day I arrived back from the Philippines it was 3 degrees in New York! 3!! All I want to do in that kind of weather is watch Netflix, lounge on my couch under a warm throw and light some candles. So here are some ethical blankets, ethical pillows, and ethical candles to keep you warm and cozy indoors. blankets:… View Post

It’s Been TOOOOO Long!

OMIGOSH! I can’t even believe how long I haven’t blogged! But shortly you’ll see why! I LOVE gift lists and I’m super sad I missed Valentine’s Day for you guys, but truly it could not be helped. This is the first week in about 2 months that my life is a semblance of normal. So here goes :). 1) I’M ENGAGED!!! –with quite possibly the most beautiful engagement photo of all time and most definitely the happiest moment of my life.… View Post