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Dearest friends, if you’re into fashion or photography you probably heard New York Times’ prolific and legendary photographer Bill Cunningham passed away on Saturday. I occasionally saw Cunningham around town on his bike–he trolled midtown Manhattan for his subjects and he was a revered presence at every fashion week, Gatsby party, and many… View Post

Favorite Ethical Home Things!

Hi friends!! Back from another bit of hiatus! I moved into my brand new home and have been so super busy decorating, renovating, unpacking and in general living my life :). I’ve missed you guys and am super excited to share some of my favorite ethical home buys as wells as… View Post

Ethical Spring Basics

It’s finally starting to feel a little like Spring! Yay!! Tulips are springing up and trees are in bloom, makes me so happy! Time to get ready with some ethical Spring basics to add or forage in your closet. Spring Colored Tote (pixan tote $56): Even if you’re wearing all black… View Post

New Uses for Old Things- DIY Planters

(photo via Lana Red Studio) Hi friends! In honor of St. Patrick’s day I thought I would do a New Uses for Old Things green –as in plants!–edition. I’m super excited about all the green I see sprouting in New York right now and obsessed with my new sweet little balcony… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Happy Monday friends!! Review of the week: Before I went to the Philippines I desperately needed a new light weight Spring jacket I bought Everlane’s Anorak in Stone($98) and I’m soooo in love with it! It’s perfectly loose but still rather shapely, water resistant and a great piece to have now… View Post

Stay Healthy

Since I’ve been traveling and in the midst of purging and moving to the new place I’ve been deathly afraid of getting sick! Colds and flus are running rampant around me and I have no time to get sick and laid up in bed, so I’ve been more cautious than… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

(photo via NYT)  Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?! I typically don’t watch award shows, but I honestly wanted to see how Chris Rock would handle his monologue in all the #oscarssowhite controversy –so my review of the week goes to him. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone who could’ve… View Post

Ethical Cozy Indoors

(santiago wool blanket $84.99) Like I mentioned, I’ve been really really into home things because of the new home to be :). The day I arrived back from the Philippines it was 3 degrees in New York! 3!! All I want to do in that kind of weather is watch Netflix,… View Post

It’s Been TOOOOO Long!

OMIGOSH! I can’t even believe how long I haven’t blogged! But shortly you’ll see why! I LOVE gift lists and I’m super sad I missed Valentine’s Day for you guys, but truly it could not be helped. This is the first week in about 2 months that my life is a… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Review of the Week: I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a game before! But since I’ve been crazy at work and hustling for holidays, it’s definitely been nice to zone out and play one of my new fave games, Two Dots. I kind of love the calming colors, plus it’s… View Post