Thrifting Your Costume -The Goodwill NY/NJ Halloween Challenge

Hi friends! You know that I’m a huge crazytown fan of Goodwill! Goodwill is by far one of my favorite places to shop (evidence, evidence), but more importantly I really admire the tremendous good they do in the communities they serve (evidence, evidence). So what is the Goodwill Halloween Challenge?- Find items for your costume for under $30 at any local Goodwill. I LOVE Halloween and love Goodwill so this was really a project made in heaven :). (photo sources:… View Post

What I Wore-Flower Pants

I wish I  took a million pictures of these faaaaaabulous pants I bought at Goodwill! Alas I was late for work and rushing to get out of the apartment and so my friends, I only have two images to show you. But I do have a fun consilation…. So I wore these fun pants to dinner with some friends and my clever friend Vicky pointed out that they are so totally Blanche from Golden Girls which I wholeheartedly agree with… View Post

Consciously Trending-Neon Dress

(sunnies-karen walker via opensky; dress-american apparel via goodwill; bag-omybag; jewelry-see below sandals-thrifted via buffalo exchange) Well, you know that I’m ethically shopping through my wanted list and on that list was a neon dress. I was completely ecstatic to find this wonderfully easy dress by American Apparel at Goodwill on west 8th street during the crafting event I attended a couple of weeks ago. I think I still may want a short neon number, but as far this neon dress… View Post

What I Wore-Neon Pastel?

I would like to introduce you to my new favorite shirt. I thrifted this cutie at Buffalo Exchange on my Treat Yo Self Birthday. This little blouse is getting a lot of love from the co-workers, the homies annnd the BF (you know they don’t always agree!).  I have been wearing it a whole lot and I see myself wearing it in the future because it’s quite seasonless to me, which is a huge bonus. When I bought this blouse… View Post

Consciously Trending…Shoes…Lots of Shoes

Oy vey friends! I told you I was in my friend’s wedding a couple of weeks ago (here). One of the requirements for my bridesmaid attire was silver shoes which I did not have.  I wanted to buy them ethically but I was in a pinch because of course I procrastinated and made myself a tight deadline. Well, I hit my local thrift stores and found way more than what I was looking for…eep! You can see the actual reason… View Post

What I Wore-OVER It!

So friends, this is a little different kind of What I Wore situation. I was nearly deleting these pictures all together because like I feel every blogger I choose the pictures I feel best in and truthfully these pictures made me feel less than that. But instead I’ve decided to confront and confess all these silly little things that didn’t make me feel great about these pictures. Gawsh, now this is not a pity party this is a party to… View Post

What I Wore-Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I’m really into wearing bright colors when it’s ugly outside and lately we’ve been experiencing gray rainy weather in bulk in New York. (jacket-old i forget where from; top-thrifted via buffalo exchange; boots-cri de couer via loving eco/jp slects) I am so happy I found this top at Buffalo Exchange! It is exactly the stripey situation I was talking about in my Punchlines Mani post; and BONUS the BF seems to really loves this top. He said to me that… View Post

Guest Post: Etsy Wishlist

Hey there lovelies!! Rocquelle here from Consider Me Lovely!  When Jamillah emailed me about writing a guest post, I was beyond honored (as this is my first guest post ever) and geeked, and then puzzlement took over, as I had no idea what I would write about, within the stipulations provided to ensure that my post fit the ethical standards of Jamillah and made-to-travel. Then I had a chat with her one evening, and we started talking about ethical fashion,… View Post

Recommended Reading: Tips on Thrifting

Hello dearies, so it’s been brought to my attention that there was a fantastic article in the New York Times about thrifting by the all around lovely Patrice from Looking Fly on a Dime. I definitely recommend reading the article HERE. Let me tell you I thought I knew loads about thrifting but seriously this article has GREAT info. Did you know there are thrift stores with reward cards?!?! Thanks Patrice, you are changing my life! Also go visit Patricie… View Post

Consciously Trending…More Metals

So friends, you may have seen my penchant for gold, well my love of metallics does not stop there! I had been looking for a metallic skirt that kind of had the feel of liquid metal and I happened on this skirt while thrifting at Beacon’s Closet (psst you can shop online). I think adding a little metallic is an easy way to add edge and modernity into an outfit. Something about wearing metal as clothing is straight up hot… View Post

What I Wore…Lugging Around

Hi there friends…so this is what I typically look like on a Thursday morning. (backpack-baggu; purse-matt & nat; jacket-thrifted via buffalo exchange; dress-keiko lynn via blogger closet raid; shoes-thrifted via cauz for pawz; scarf-homemade by my aunt for x-mas :D) I work from home on Wednesdays so every Thursday morning I’m lugging around extra things back to the office. You might recognize baggu from a guest post I did on ethical backpacks on The Loudmouth. This baggu backpack is totally… View Post

What I Wore-Helllloooooo Spring!

You know I haven’t done a real true straight up outfit post in a long while and since Spring has officially sprung in NY (actually unofficially sprung quite early this season) I think there is no better time for an outfit post. These pics were taken last week. I got out of work early for a change and it was a balmy 74 degrees in NY at 5:30 in the evening :). This is the face I make with that… View Post

Consciously Trending-Red Blazer

I had been searching and searching for a red blazer since fall! For me the right red blazer can look really sharp and something about it is really classic while being quite bold…and I found a fantastic one! I scored this red blazer at Housing Works for a steal :). My new red friend had shoulder pads (why! oh why!) but I removed the shoulder pads and instantly this blazer had a modern boyfriend fit. Also, please pardon the dark… View Post