Ha! I Made It- Easy DIY Jewelry Holder

So at my old job I had a lot of access to DVD spindles. We went through many while I was there and it was kind of frustrating that we couldn’t reuse all of them, so I took one home and started to brainstorm. (spindle image source) This DIY is… View Post

Shop for MORE-Same Sky

Friends, you know that I am a constant partaker in the arm party so when the fine folks at Same Sky contacted me and introduced me to their beautiful bracelets I was ecstatic. Not only am I crushing on so so many of their gorgeous items the work of Same… View Post

What I Wore-Bluma Project

I heard over the summer anthropologie was going to start carrying fair trade jewelry line the bluma project. I totally fell in love with the bluma project’s really colorful and urban design over the summer so I decided to pop in and see if anthropologie was still carrying any goodies… View Post

Shop for MORE-Free the Nations

I am soooooo excited to share with you the amazing Shop for MORE this week!!! You’ve actually had a little peek at their wonderful goods as I was obsessed with my latest purchase from them, but I would like you to formally meet. Friends I’d like to introduce you to… View Post

Smile File-Aqui Giveaway

So I’m new to blogging but what I found to be my most favorite thing is meeting wonderful people. This lovely lady is a bff via blogging. (click any image to be directed to aqui) Ain’t she gorgeous?! Her life is pretty beautiful too: Aqui is wonderful for many reasons:… View Post

Store Highlight- Imani

I read about Imani on The Compassion Fashion Project. (click on any image to buy) The Zion Project is an organization that aims to heal and empower war-effected women and girls in Africa; Imani is their store. I completely fell in love with all the bright colors in so many… View Post

Crushing on Nail Rings

Oh man, oh man…I have no idea why I am so ga ga over these little guys, but I want one stat! Anna-Sara Dåvik spotted on Style Pantry: I am NOW obsessed with finding an affordable version that is comparable to the simple and clean look of Anna-Sara Davisk’s design… View Post

Site Shoutout…Svpply

Oh boy! Svpply is trouble! Like MAJOR trouble…I mean in the best kind of way. I stumbled onto Svpply via Miss Moss‘s guest blog on Cup of Jo and poof there goes an hour of my time. Svpply is a site that provides a way to kind of curate the… View Post

Happy V-day to Me!!! Thank you Budget Babe!

I love  The Budget Babe.  They have wonderful fashion finds for a lady on a budget so it kind of feels like you’re in on a great secret. Also, they have this super fun game that I play every time it pops on my reader… today’s game is with Frye boots.… View Post