Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Gifting is nearly my favorite thing to do and mother’s day is especially dear to me because as most of you know I’m very close to my dear mamacita. You can meet her for a few seconds here (a.k.a my favorite post ever 🙂 ). So to help you find… View Post

Gifts for Everyone from OpenSky

So friends, have you heard of OpenSky?!? It’s kind of a wonderful place :D. I first heard of OpenSky this past summer from the bright and wonderful Beautifully Invisible, fastforward 2 purchases and 1 party later I am officially a super fan! OpenSky emails draw my immediate attention! OpenSky is… View Post

Fathers Day Finds at Miss Malaprop

So Father’s day is nearing, friends. How that happened, I do NOT know! So it is no accident that my Shop for MORE feature this week has wonderful options for the daddies that make the world go round. Mallory Whitfield is the wonderful woman behind Miss Malaprop and I can… View Post

My Fave Mothers Day Gifts

So Mothers Day is May 8th, right around the corner(!) and because my mamacita means the entire world and universe to me I wanted to share my favorite Mothers Day gifts with you. I posted this guy in Valentine’s Day gift ideas (V-Day gifts: here and here), but I’m going… View Post

Smile File-Friends

Oh friends, I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because women I admire in their ambitions, professions, attitudes, generosity, kindness, oh endless good things….well,  I’m so lucky that these women are my friends. They really support me and inspire me to do better and be better. I’ve… View Post

Something for the fellas…installment 1

New category of post!!! The idea for this category came to me for 2 reasons: 1) The boy totally reads my blog and I would like him to have some eye candy for himself. HIIIIIII HONEY!!! – winky winky winky face. 2) I completely struggle with figuring out what to… View Post