Guest Post: Etsy Wishlist

Hey there lovelies!! Rocquelle here from Consider Me Lovely!  When Jamillah emailed me about writing a guest post, I was beyond honored (as this is my first guest post ever) and geeked, and then puzzlement took over, as I had no idea what I would write about, within the stipulations provided to ensure that my post fit the ethical standards of Jamillah and made-to-travel. Then I had a chat with her one evening, and we started talking about ethical fashion,… View Post

Consciously Trending…Bad Girl Bag

Well friends, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a bit of a bag monogamist. I basically have a rotation of the same 5 bags during the work week but I heavily heavily rely on a go to bag and for me that is a bad girl bag. The above is my now retired bad girl bag. It served me well but honestly not as long as it should have in my opinion. While it looks pretty… View Post

What I Wore-A Touch of Neon

  While I don’t have the neon dress I’m dreaming of in my head I do have a little neon in my life :D. (polish: color club-yell-oh w/ brucci french bliss; rings: rose-my grandma’s ring, spike ring madeherthink) (sweater-barney’s warehouse sale; neon blouse-urban outfitters; jeggings uniqlo; boot-miz mooz) I bought this neon tank top three years ago as a birthday treat for myself. I only remember it was 3 years because I believe it was my first beeday with the… View Post

Shop for MORE-Future Standard

On this Shop for MORE I would like to introduce you to the impressive Future:Standard; a boutique that not only is gorgeous with a really modern aesthetic but also a place where they put ethics first. “We do not compromise on style and do not think our values should get in the way of looking great.”  Future:Standard about page. Future:Standard is an online boutique that sells eco-friendly, fair trade, and locally made clothing and accessories. I really am super selective… View Post

Now Friends, a Gift for YOU…HappyScarf

Hi friends!!! So a couple of things new in this image: 1) my new do!-About 11 inches of hair donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and 2) my new go to scarf courtesy of HappyScarf. When HappyScarf contacted me I could not have been more excited!  Scarves are literally my favorite accessory and for me they are year round. In the freezing cold of winter or  in an air conditioned subway car in the dead heat of summer- a scarf is… View Post

In Honor of World AIDS Day-Housing Works

In honor of World AIDS Day I wanted to share with you one of my favorite local thrift stores, Housing Works. “Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.”-From the Housing Works website. The 3 pillars of Housing Works, as stated on their site, are: Advocacy, Services… View Post

My Perfect Shade of Berry

Berried color lips is something that has been on my wish list since crisp autumn has come to New York and I’ve found my perfect touch of berry in a Moisturizing Lipstick in Berry Jam by a wonderful and unique cosmetic line radiant cosmetics. What makes radiant cosmetics unique is their company’s mission: “Our mission is the help garner awareness for human trafficking by raising funds through cosmetics, to provide resources for those on the forefront of change as well… View Post

What I Wore-His and Hers Snakeskin

  Ok, so not a true true outfit post, but over the weekend the BF and I discovered we had both bought new faux snakeskin shoes. on me-urban outfitters (available here); on the boy- vans (bought here, um this store is kind of sexy) You can see my little fall secret with flats and jeans. I actually tuck them into my flats creating kind of a stirrups look. No one every notices and it keeps my feet a bit warmer… View Post

WAAAAY More Than Fashion-The DMD Fashion Show

Last week I introduced you to my models for the Goodwill Industries NY/NJ Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) Fashion Show in conjunction with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities. In case you’re just tuning in I was one of a handful of bloggers asked to style 3 brilliant models with visible and non-visible disabilities in business attire for a fashion show honoring National Disability Awareness Month. Above is the whole gang! Models, bloggers and organizers. (Back Row… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – Snake Print DIY

I don’t do as many diy posts as I’d like to but I finally got around to trying one of my many pinned diys because I of course stained my fave tee (it’s ok I have extras, duh). This DIY is inspired by …love Maegan. …love Maegan utilizes the new Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers, which I sadly don’t own. As you can see above per usual of her diys it’s totally flawless. So be sure to take a lookie here.… View Post

My Models Last Night

Last night was the DMD Fashion Show thrown by the fantastic people at Goodwill Industries NY/NJ and the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. I had the BEST TIME EVER, definitely a banner event that I’ve experienced in blogging. (vest-rachel roy; shirt-Calvin Klein thrifted at goodwill; jeans-uniqlo; shoes-payless; scarf-goodwill) (notice the escalators! 3 floors of goodwill!) In case you missed my post last week on the DMD Fashion Show, I was one of a handful of bloggers… View Post

What I Wore-Bluma Project

I heard over the summer anthropologie was going to start carrying fair trade jewelry line the bluma project. I totally fell in love with the bluma project’s really colorful and urban design over the summer so I decided to pop in and see if anthropologie was still carrying any goodies from this ethical brand. AND THEY WERE!!! I scored this gorgeous neon beaded necklace :D. (blazer-h&m; tee and shorts- thrifted via goodwill; shoes thrifted via buffalo exchange) I LOVE IT!… View Post

National Disability Mentoring Day AND! FASHION!

  National Disability Mentoring Day falls on October 19th and I have an exciting project to share with you! But first let’s talk about what exactly is National Disability Mentoring day.   “DMD is held on the third Wednesday of October each year.  DMD promotes career development for students and jobseekers with disabilities through hands-on career exploration, on-site job shadowing, and ongoing mentoring leading to internship and employment opportunities.” (source) So friends, DMD is kind of wonderful and super important… View Post