Consciously Trending…Bad Girl Bag

Well friends, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a bit of a bag monogamist. I basically have a rotation of the same 5 bags during the work week but I heavily heavily rely on a go to bag and for me that is a bad girl bag. The above is my now retired bad girl bag. It served me well but honestly not as long as it should have in my opinion. While it looks pretty… View Post

A Gift That Gives Back…for the Reader

I’m a big believer in buying gifts that give back so instead of getting your bookworm friend/mom/sister/brother/dad a Barnes & Nobles gift card this year how about a gift certificate to Better World Books. Not only does Better World Books support high impact literacy projects in the U.S and around the world but for every book bought a book donation is made to someone in need. Other awesome things FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and in case you’re worried about your carbon… View Post

Shop For MORE-A Green Option for a Close Shave

Friends, I don’t have a perfect lifestyle and while I try to incorporate as much ethical shopping as I can there is definitely so much I still need to do! Which is why I really love Annabella’s approach (post here): start one item at a time! So I get back from vacation and open my luggage to find the Gillette Venus Razor I’ve had for years broken in half. I was about to go to CVS to buy a new… View Post

Fathers Day Finds at Miss Malaprop

So Father’s day is nearing, friends. How that happened, I do NOT know! So it is no accident that my Shop for MORE feature this week has wonderful options for the daddies that make the world go round. Mallory Whitfield is the wonderful woman behind Miss Malaprop and I can not tell you how thrilled I am to feature her shop here. Long before I was blogging I was an avid blog reader and I have loved Mallory’s blog for… View Post
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