What I Wore-I’m a Winner!

So friends, I told you about my deep affection for the ASOS Africa collection here (well and here and here too) and how my favorite dress in the collection sold out in just 2 short weeks. But(!) thank you 2012 because I tweeted the folks at SOKO Kenya, the fair trade cooperative where the ASOS Africa collection is made (you can read about them here) and was disappointed to hear that they weren’t making more of my dress :(. However… View Post

What a Little Blogging Can Do-Asos Africa Update!

I wrote a post on ASOS Africa and their collaboration with SOKO Kenya back in March (see post HERE). I decided to write that post because it required a bit do of digging to find SOKO, the fair trade manufacturer for the ASOS Africa line, since there was no description of how the ASOS Africa line was made on the ASOS site. This is what ASOS Africa items looked like before, just one month ago. P.S. this jacket is still… View Post

Shop for MORE than Style-Asos Africa

I’m sure you know about Asos and all its glory. Their fashion is inspiring, wearable, current and (holy moly!) even affordable…and as an aside, I’ve had some issues with delivery before they had a U.S. site and let me tell you their customer service is excellent-returns are easy and they are incredibly responsive. But I will give you 2 more reasons to love Asos: 1) Asos Africa I stumbled on on the Asos Africa Blanket Cape featured below (click any… View Post

What I wore…Melo week!

I’m a huuuuuge Knicks fan! I grew up around tons of boys and sports so a deep love for the Knicks was instilled in me at birth…I mean there are pictures of me as teeny tiny girl in Knicks tees…so this fandom runs deep and long! And let me tell you attending games during the Isaiah years ROUGH and actually physically painful. Tuesday morning after Melo trade 😀               The trade of Carmelo Anthony… View Post