Smile File-Still Life

Some fuuuuun for your Friday my dear friends. I stumbled on the work of Terry Border on OWNI.EU and it made me so happy. Border has done a lot of work for ad campaigns and you may have also seen his work on greeting cards. I really think there is something joyful about his small still life work, with the real simple additions of wire Border just coaxes the items to life for me. Really super clever and has a… View Post

Uninhibited Style at Ambuji

Hi friends, I had the honor to guest post at Ambuji last week. Ambu’s task for me was to pick a piece of art that inspires me and evokes something that I don’t feel I articulate in my style. This is me blogging on Ambuji. I really admire Ambu and her blog for encouraging thoughtfulness and being bold in fashion and in life. I LOVE HER! No really, LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. This friends is Ambu. Gorgeous, no?! She is… View Post

Smile File-When Things Come to Life

I am constantly inspired by people being creative. This has GOT to be the most extraordinarily beautiful stage designs I’ve ever seen. Discovered on Storage Geek this image from the Bregenz Festival in Austria on The Telegraph. The Bergenz Festival is a performance art festival held during July and August in Bregenz and they have become very famous for the Seebühne (or floating stage). The image above is from the 1999 production of Verdi’s A Masked Ball. Here are some… View Post

Smile File-Junk Mail

I love art made of unexpected material. Talk about upcyling! Sandhi Schimmel Gold makes these pop-art materpieces out of junk mail. Spotted on Flavorwire. I honestly can not believe the expressions Gold is able to coax out of paper. Amazing what people are able to see and do with really simple materials. I mean these scraps of paper were probably destined for the recycling bin! I can not imagine the vision you need to create these things. People are rad.… View Post

I <3 The Internet-Beauty and Some Bizarre

I posted on umbrellas yesterday because I’ve been stuck in the rain, but this campaign makes the rain look gorgeous. Love the all the colors and textures in the imagery. Burberry campaign spotted on Perth Fashion. Actually if you go to Burberry site you will be greeted with the sound of rain, very Spring. I found a wonderful men’s fashion blog via Yes and Yes. I LOVE their style so much! Midwest Style is made up of a group of… View Post
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Smile File-Bedtime Story

People are so clever. Artist Yusuke Suzuki crafted this storybook bed to create these gorgeous images. Dream time = play time for the head (smile). Spotted on Fubiz. View Post
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Crushing On- New Tattoo

I am dying for a new tattoo. There is a painting that lives at my mom’s house and it came from the house in the Philippines where she grew up. I really would love Amanda Wachob to tattoo it on me. I love my last artist, she does beautiful and incredibly fine fine work (Su Houston). But I have never seen such a painterly quality in tattoos before Amanda Wachob and I think she would just do the best job… View Post

I <3 the Internet- Pretty Things and Hot Dogs

I’m going to post a 2nd edition of I <3 the Internet later this week. I got some wonderful blog love that I still have to share (you can have a peek here and here), and some really inspiring stuff on blogging that I’m super excited to share. But while I get that together here are the gaspers from my reader this past week. (Click on any image for source) My gawsh I don’t know how I missed this gorgeous… View Post

Smile File-Instant Comfort

I love that these exist. Found on Yes and Yes– click image to be directed to Kim’s Little Monsters‘ Etsy, the makers of this cuteness. View Post
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Smile File-Bill Cunningham New York

I went to see Bill Cunningham New York at the Film Forum last night. The Documentary is an incredible portrait of the one of a kind street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. I have never seen, heard, or met a person so completely fulfilled by their work and ferociously committed to doing it their way.   Cunningham also seems to have all the good intentions in the world. His demeanor is kind and gentle and his genuine interest in people and… View Post

Smile File- 3/22/10…Metrocard Mobile

click for source A piece at the Sloan Fine Art gallery’s exhibit “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again.” Gawsh, I even love the title of the exhibit. The pieces benefit Transportation Alternatives and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC ARTS. People are great 🙂 View Post
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