The Difference a Day Makes

Chances are if you’re reading this you noticed some of your favorite sites were not available yesterday or had some form of blackout. These sites were participating in an internet protest to draw attention  to the proposed bills in congress SOPA and PIPA. I don’t like to get political on this blog but I’d like to say I have a deep deep love of the internet and all the creativity, opportunity, sharing and general wonderfulness that goes on and can… View Post

On Thanksgiving, Don’t Forget Yourself

On Thanksgiving every year I am profoundly grateful for my amazing family and friends, and the many many MANY wonderful things I have in my life, but if I’m super honest I have yet to be thankful for myself. So when Michelle thought of the Thanksgiving theme of expressing gratitude for ourselves it was a “a ha” moment for me. This Thanksgiving theme called for 5 things about ME that I am grateful for and because we tend to be… View Post

Remembering 9/11

I honestly can not believe it’s been 10 years. It’s an impossible feat to try to remember what 9/11 and the days after felt like and I don’t want to try to relive it. I haven’t watched the news all week because it’s been flooded with imagery from this horrific day and stories that are too crushing to hear. The above image is of the 9/11 Memorial Fountain designed by Michael Aradand landscape architect Peter Walker titled Remembering Absence, it… View Post

IFB Conference

Hi Friends so today is the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Conference. I’m suuuuuper excited to meet the other bloggers and here’s a little sneak peek to what I’m wearing. You all know I love IFB! They provide so much useful information and I’m hoping work doesn’t interrupt my day too much so I can soak up all the knowledge I can. In case you want to virtually join us at the conference IFB provided a link to all the attendees to… View Post

Sunny Days…

Hi friends. Most of you know that I live in NYC and with that fact I thought it would be hugely remiss to not mention hurricane Irene. Especially since watching the news and fleeing my apartment on the East River were the activities of my weekend. I can not tell you how hugely relieved I am that Irene dwindled down to a tropical storm that blew past NY with a lot of wind and a lot of rain but not… View Post

FTF Blog Event-Inspiration NY

I know I’ve told you how much I love love love living in Manhattan and as a forewarning this will probably not be the last time I do a little ode to my home. But I just finished reading Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids and all I could think of for Kristy Eléna’s call of inspiration for this month’s FTF Event is the place I call home, NYC. As I was reading Just Kids I kept thinking of New York… View Post

Guest Post on Those Graces

Hello friends! I am on vacay right now but I’ve done a guest post over at Courtney’s blog Those Graces that I’m super mega proud of! It’s on a topic near and dear to my heart; the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. I’m so happy that Courtney asked me to share my story with her readers so please go over to the post HERE. Besides discussing my lifelong love of the exquisite Audrey I also share some of my fave contemporary starlet… View Post

Pocket Change Feature

Friends! I was featured last week in Pocket Change’s BeInStyle. I was super thrilled they contacted me and incredibly flattered since the last blogger they featured is a huge style crush and blogging inspiration, none other than Kristy Eléna of Full Time Fabulous, you can see her interview on BeInStyle here. They asked me some fun questions on style and blogging. Check out my interview here :D. Pocket Change is a fun site with tons of shopping tips. They have… View Post

Links á la Mode

It always makes my day to make Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode. I’m so happy that my faves in ethical swimwear was chosen this week, hopefully that means some extra love for the ethical brands :). Thanks always IFB for the honor and thank you Nubia for the sweet, sweet intro. Enjoy the links below, friends! Love Yourself Always and Forever. Edited by Nubia of NubiasNonsense Loving yourself might very well be the key of living a happy… View Post

My Favorite Day at the Beach-FTF Blog Event

For this month’s Full Time Fabulous Event, Kristy Eléna asked us to draw inspiration from the beach. I looooove the beach. The feel of sand under my feet the smell of salt water, the sound of the waves and the relaxed, slow paced attitude in the air makes me feel like I’m in another life. So I decided to share with you my favorite beach trip EVER for my beach inspiration task, which happened on my trip to Negril, Jamaica… View Post

Link Love With a Twist

I am super honored and touched to have been nominated twice in last weeks addition of Beautifully Invisible’s Link Love With a Twist. My post “Smile File-Oh These Word” was nominated by Bella of Citizen Rosebud. Bella is another huge style crush she is always eloquent and incredibly bold and brave and I really love and admire this woman.  My post “What I Wore-I Tumble” was nominated by Yvonne of Fashion RECON. Yvonne was one of my very first blogging… View Post

My Faves in Ethical Swimwear

Summer is in full swing so it’s only appropriate that I do a post on ethical swimwear for this weeks Shop for MORE. Did you know there are oodles of choices when it comes to eco-friendly and fair trade swimwear? I LOVE this laid back one piece by Bodkin on super sale at  Founders & Followers for $135 marked down from $225. I kind of die for the modern triangle pattern in eco-line Mociun; the below one-pieces are on sale… View Post

Uninhibited Style at Ambuji

Hi friends, I had the honor to guest post at Ambuji last week. Ambu’s task for me was to pick a piece of art that inspires me and evokes something that I don’t feel I articulate in my style. This is me blogging on Ambuji. I really admire Ambu and her blog for encouraging thoughtfulness and being bold in fashion and in life. I LOVE HER! No really, LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. This friends is Ambu. Gorgeous, no?! She is… View Post