Site Shoutout-Love My Dress

So friends, I’m not exactly the bridal type…I can’t even honestly picture myself walking down an aisle but I completely got wrapped up in wedding blog Love My Dress after peeping the below dress on Craft:.   So pretty right?! I kind of die for the colors, charm, and freshness of the dress. It feels like a spring wedding to me. And I couldn’t stop scrolling on Love My Dress! So many unique weddings full of personal touches.   I… View Post

Site Shoutout-Little Nails

I was wandering around tumblr specifically for new nail blogs to read and found this gem called Little Nails and I am positively smitten!   I am a big big pro tiny nails situation. When I go for my monthly mani (nail art I can do, cuticle trimming not so much) I typically will cut my nails first because my nail place refuses to make my nails little! So Little Nails is really the perfect nail blog for me; love… View Post

Guest Post: Etsy Wishlist

Hey there lovelies!! Rocquelle here from Consider Me Lovely!  When Jamillah emailed me about writing a guest post, I was beyond honored (as this is my first guest post ever) and geeked, and then puzzlement took over, as I had no idea what I would write about, within the stipulations provided to ensure that my post fit the ethical standards of Jamillah and made-to-travel. Then I had a chat with her one evening, and we started talking about ethical fashion,… View Post

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Real Rosies

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Rosie the Riveter. The iconic image of Rosie has really lasted the test of time. Walk into any novelty store and you are sure to see Rosie, but let’s not forget that behind Rosie there is a story of women. Above is a stunning image from The Library of Congress showing two women who stepped in during World War II. Virginia Young (pictured on the right), a widow of Pearl Harbor, her role… View Post

Where the Goodwill Goes Tour

Friends, I was incredibly lucky to be invited on a tour to the Goodwill NY/NJ headquarters in Astoria last week and it was profound! This tour truly made me love Goodwill even MORE! I learned so many things about the amazing work of Goodwill and what WE do to help their very worthy mission. Lesson 1-Nothing Goes to Waste! DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! I was really under the impression that there are certain things that should NOT be donated. I would… View Post

Gifts for Everyone from OpenSky

So friends, have you heard of OpenSky?!? It’s kind of a wonderful place :D. I first heard of OpenSky this past summer from the bright and wonderful Beautifully Invisible, fastforward 2 purchases and 1 party later I am officially a super fan! OpenSky emails draw my immediate attention! OpenSky is built on the idea that we all shop for different things with different tastes. OpenSky has chosen curators who have great taste in their respective interests, aesthetics and fields who… View Post

Site Shoutout!-Craftgawker

  Friends I have a real huge obsession with diys and crafting so when I found craftgawker it makes kind of a bad/great situation!   Why I did not know about craftgawker before is absolutely beyond me. Craftgawker is  an assembly of crafts, diys and crafting inspiration listed like a photo album. When you click on the image it directs you straight to the diy/craft. Craftgawker is user generated and curated by the gawkverse editors. So if you’ve got a… View Post

Consider Me Lovely

Friends, this week has gone by in a flash! But I didn’t want the week to whiz by without mentioning the wonderful feature I took part in. This dears is the wonderful Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely. Rocquelle runs an inspiring feature on her blog called Your Body Is Fabulous. She features women of all shapes and sizes and asks them: Why is your body fabulous? Well this week she asked me! I am so honored to appear next to… View Post

made-to-travel for Emergy

Even though I’m on vacay I ‘ve been all around blogsphere this week! I have to mention every feature I’m asked to do really touches me. Never in a million years did I think people would want ME to write for their blogs and I feel really grateful for the opportunity and spirit of sharing and community. Friday I shared my guest post on Those Graces and today I’m sharing my feature on dear friend Ashley’s blog Ashley4Emergy. Ashley has… View Post

Shop for MORE Treat-Meet THE Ethical Bella

This Shop for MORE edition is a treat indeed because I am bringing you one of my most favorite bloggers on everything ethical, the Finnish born beauty Annabella Asvik from the blog Ethical Bella. I approached Annabella for an interview because I think her taste is flawless and her ethical finds fantastic. I was delighted to find that Annabella is 1) literally a ray of sunshine and positivity and 2) more beautiful in life…inside and out. Despite the soft launch… View Post

Shopping Ban OVER!- First Stop Ecolissa

Friends, some of you might remember the shopping ban I took in May (post here), it was the first time I’ve taken this challenge and I was really nervous to fail. But I’m happy to report that I was successful and I think my view on shopping has changed quite a bit, more on that another time. Sooooo, now that shopping ban is over 🙂 (insert macarena here) I am excited to treat myself just a little. I scored a… View Post

What I Wore-I Tumble

One of my besties works at the wonderful world of tumblr and to celebrate the end of  Internet Week New York tumblr threw a little celebration at the Hudson Hotel. I rarely, rarely go out in a real way, but I made an exception for my dear friend Danielle, tumblr and Internet Week :). (shirt-asos; skirt-thrifted; shoes-target; all jewelry gifted) How cute is tumblr’s old school graphic?! So charming. And the Sky Terrace at the Hudson Hotel is just goooorgeous.… View Post

Fathers Day Finds at Miss Malaprop

So Father’s day is nearing, friends. How that happened, I do NOT know! So it is no accident that my Shop for MORE feature this week has wonderful options for the daddies that make the world go round. Mallory Whitfield is the wonderful woman behind Miss Malaprop and I can not tell you how thrilled I am to feature her shop here. Long before I was blogging I was an avid blog reader and I have loved Mallory’s blog for… View Post
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