Ecohabitude’s #EthicalFestival

So I have a bit of a treat for you on this happy Friday! Ecohabitude is a new conscious marketplace that connects you directly to some great ethical brands. They emailed me about a Pinterest contest they’re hosting where you could win $100 to Ecohabitude! Rules are super simple: Follow Ecohabitude on Pinterest, Create a board named #EthicalFestival, start pinning from Eco habitude and include the hashtag #EthicalFestival. ****Last date to enter is Monday, May 4th…so you have all weekend… View Post
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Who Made My Clothes–Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a response to the Rana Plaza tragedy two years ago. This movement that takes place on April 24th every year is really a call to the fashion industry to beg the question: Who Made My Clothes?  Retailers who are exploiting people to produce their products really rely on us to not ask that question, so I encourage you to participate no matter what you’re wearing ask who made your clothing! The truth is retailers will not change if we do not prompt… View Post

Women to Watch-Amazing Women on TV

I really do believe we have A LOT of really special scripted TV right now and many many of my favorite shows are on mid-season break. Hopefully you feel like resting after all the festivities so it’s the PERFECT time for you to go on demand or Netflix or wherever you can and get to know these amazing women on TV right now! (photos via :; BBC; IMDb; Marvel Wikia; IMDb; The Gloss) Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreations It’s… View Post

New Features and THANK YOU

I really love doing interviews…it’s a way for me to further explain why I choose to be a conscious shopper and sometimes allows me to get a little more personal. So if you want to hear more about lil’ old me please check out these wonderful ethical blogs that were kind enough to have me on their sites. Fair for All  Julia from Fair for All is a gem. She has a background in working with survivors of human trafficking and a passion for… View Post

What’s on Your Ballot- Time to VOTE!

Friends, if you are a reader in the US and you can vote…VOTE! Both my parents and lots of my family are unable to vote in the US and so I’ve always found it a real privilege that I can. Tomorrow is all about local and while voting in the national elections is of course super important there are so many allocations and policies that are left up to your state/district/city that it is imperative that you find out what… View Post
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Made-To-Travel Newsletter

Hi friends! I know like me you’re probably inundated with emails, BUT(!) I did want to share with you that I’ve pumped up the Made-To-Travel Newsletter and I’m really happy/excited/stoked about it! There’s so much I want to share and a lot of that doesn’t always fit the content on Made-To-Travel. I also have really wanted to have a more meaningful, fuller, funner, more diverse Newsletter for you guys. So in addition to the round up of new posts from… View Post
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Save the Ballerina Project

Way back when I wrote about the Ballerina Project because there is something I really really love about the feeling and composition of their photographs. So I was sad to hear when the Ballerina Project might end by this summer. For me it would be a great loss if the Ballerina Project closed, their images always feel like fresh air in my feeds and I would truly truly miss them. How to Help the Ballerina Project: So there is a… View Post
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Site Shoutout: Karen X Cheng

Friends, I have a super friend crush on Karen X Cheng, you may know her as Girl Learns to Dance in a Year. I first discovered Cheng in her Fast Company article, Why It’s Ok to Quit, a really great post on why it’s okay to let go of discipline at times and just quit. I liked the article so much I wanted to see her video, which immediately made me want to check out her blog, which led me… View Post

Site Shoutout: Of Another Fashion-An Archive of Fashion of U.S. Women of Color

I discovered Of Another Fashion one late night while trolling the internet and I could not bring myself to leave this site. I was just so captivated by the beautiful photographs, the immigrant stories of hope and achievement, and the personal sentiment and statement behind each of these pictures. Of Another Fashion is an archive curated by the Minh-Ha T. Pham. Pham is an academic from Cornell University her research focuses on the convergence of fashion, race, gender and media.… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits: Organize Feeds with Bloglovin’

So I mentioned that I was going to make Fall Into Good Habits a recurring theme on made-to-travel and I meant it! And the first good habit I wanted to share in my new year is near and dear…reading blogs! I have to confess until very recently I would not give up my Google Reader. But opening my Google Reader always felt very overwhelming to me, I think this was because it’s naturally text based and I subscribe to nearly… View Post

Half the Sky on PBS

Half the Sky by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is probably one of the most important books I’ve ever read. In Half the Sky there are stories of incredible sadness that end in extraordinary hope and achievement. Kristof and WuDunn show how the dire plight and place of women in many nations can be changed with just a little help and how empowering these women can change the world. The stories of the women in Half the… View Post

Humans of New York-The Crowd Has a Face

I read very very few street photography blogs, not because I don’t love photography I actually really do, but I interact with a lot of  imagery at my day job so it really takes something exceptional in a street photography site to catch my eye. Something like Humans of New York. The photography is so lovable but what I really enjoy about this site is Brandon Scott’s interaction with his subjects. The tagline for Humans of New York (HONY) is… View Post

Site Shoutout!-How About We?

Ok, so no I am NOT on the market (HI HONEY!), but if I waaaaass How About We?  would be my dating site FOR SURE, hands down, no question about it. I just simply love the concept; taking online dating offline! You basically peruse or propose a date you’d want to go on and then clicky the “Let’s Do This” button and poof you go on a date! No awkward emails or vetting thru profiles which is really tedious business… View Post