Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gift-Custom Room Fragrance

(source: Design Sponge) Hi friends! So my daddy happens to be in town for Father’s Day, quite rare occurrence for me since he lives an ocean away. He’s not a man of many things, so it’s always a challenge to get him something. Thank you Design Sponge for the brilliant idea of natural room spritz! Since my daddy lives quite far from me and smell is such a powerful sense for memory, I thought it would be nice to give… View Post

DIY: Regrow Green Onions and Celery

Friends, I have to tell you I am AMAZED at this! I found a post on regrowing green onions on Rosy Blu Handmade and then shortly after I read a post on regrowing celery on Housing a Forest and since these 2 lovely greens happen to be frequent flyers on my grocery list, I thought what the heck–let’s try! And voilá they are regrowing and literally all it took was a little water. The tallest stalks/blades of green onions are… View Post

Ha I Made It!-DIY New Candles from Old Candles

HOLY MOLY! I made candles!!! I have to say I’ve been researching how to reuse my candles for a few months now. I used to burn candles once in a while, but while I had no heat and electricity for over a week during Hurricane Sandy I kind of burned thru my whole stash! So I had all this candle wax that I didn’t know what to do with and it seemed like such a waste to just chuck it,… View Post

Ha I Made It! DIY Ring Holder

I really love clear home accessories and so have been hording interesting and sturdy clear plastic packaging to DIY for a bit. I had a ring storage problem, since I wear rings every single day and lots of them… while others have wrist parties I definitely have finger parties! So I wanted to make a ring holder that was pretty, but also was grab and go and this has been working perfectly for me. What You’ll Need Sturdy plastic packaging… View Post

I’m in Belgium!!! :D

I’m in Belgium! Sadly not in real life, but honestly the next best thing!! I was really thrilled when Flair Magazine contacted me to be in their September Issue feature on Pom Pom Necklaces. Above is the feature online and OMG! Also print :). Flair contacted me because of my pom pom necklace DIY HERE, but Flair’s DIY is pretty darn rad and I recommend you checking that out HERE! View Post

Thrifting Your Costume -The Goodwill NY/NJ Halloween Challenge

Hi friends! You know that I’m a huge crazytown fan of Goodwill! Goodwill is by far one of my favorite places to shop (evidence, evidence), but more importantly I really admire the tremendous good they do in the communities they serve (evidence, evidence). So what is the Goodwill Halloween Challenge?- Find items for your costume for under $30 at any local Goodwill. I LOVE Halloween and love Goodwill so this was really a project made in heaven :). (photo sources:… View Post

Ha I Made It!- DIY: Lace Cutout Blouse

I have not done a DIY in a long while so it totally feels great to make something!!! I’ve had this DIY on my list for quite some time. You’ve actually seen this shirt before; I wore it as my Holly Golightly costume this past Halloween. I really loved the length and the stiff men’s collar but when I tried to wear it out it was never quite right. I think it was a little too much “I borrowed my… View Post

Guest Post: Indoor Gardening for the Urban Gal

Hi I’m Sara of Aquí! After living in Brazil and then Hawaii, I grew accustom to a highly vegetated environment. Now, I’m living smack dab in the middle of a bustling metropolitan and my studio apartment is less than garden friendly. {Really, I don’t even have a window box}  That said, I’ve been searching for ways to incorporate a bit of foliage in to my urban space so obviously, I’m opting for houseplants. With a bit of research I found… View Post

Guest Post: BIY- Bootleg It Yourself-Nail Dot Tool

Hey all! I’m Vicky; Jamillah and I have known each other since high school (eek), while she’s off enjoying life and getting an amazing tan in St. Lucia (confession: I’m pasty, landlocked, and jealous) let’s get busy so we have some great stories to tell her about all the made-to-travel activity she missed while she was away. A little about me: I’m not a blogger yet HOWEVER I am a bootlegger heiress.  One of my great-grandfathers was a bootlegger in… View Post

Ha! I Made It!- Neon Pom Pom Necklace

I’ve mentioned that I’m obsessed with neon right now and while I’m still looking for that perfect neon dress I am still injecting little bits of neon into my winter wardrobe. I wanted a neon necklace that was a little bolder than my bluma project necklace (seen here), so I decided to make one :). There’s really not a whole lot of steps to this sweet DIY, but we shall first start off with supplies.   Supplies: Chain-I had some… View Post

It’s Not Too Late!-Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

  Even though Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday I really like this day super simple and I prefer Valentine’s gifts that are small and full of thought. Here are some thoughtful gifts that you can still manage to put together this evening! For your family: I made these little transfers last night. Directions HERE, pictures don’t quite do them justice, it looks like they’re some kind of archival paintings. Really pretty outcome and definitely a project you can get… View Post

Ha! I Made It- Easy DIY Jewelry Holder

So at my old job I had a lot of access to DVD spindles. We went through many while I was there and it was kind of frustrating that we couldn’t reuse all of them, so I took one home and started to brainstorm. (spindle image source) This DIY is super simple! And honestly the spindle made a great jewelry holder without the additions I made. But I got super annoyed by the clanking of the plastic when I laid… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – Snake Print DIY

I don’t do as many diy posts as I’d like to but I finally got around to trying one of my many pinned diys because I of course stained my fave tee (it’s ok I have extras, duh). This DIY is inspired by …love Maegan. …love Maegan utilizes the new Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers, which I sadly don’t own. As you can see above per usual of her diys it’s totally flawless. So be sure to take a lookie here.… View Post