Good Habits…Green Smoothies

So friends, I received a Vitamix for Christmas and it’s literally changed my life! I am not a terrible eater, I eat a lot of veggies but I think probably not enough of the ones that are amazing for you like kale and red peppers and probably not enough produce in it’s raw form. But that has all changed! Thank you Vitamix. Below is my favorite combination of fruits and veggies. I’ve been picking my vegetables and fruits pretty specifically,… View Post

Good Habits: Start a Routine

(Source So I’ve started to think having a routine would be a very good habit. I read this post on the Good Lifer and it really really inspired me. I love the idea of having a “very considered manner”  to your day. The above routine is from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin…simple and thoughtful and grounded in two questions: “What good shall I do this day?” and “What good have I done today?” Not a bad way to evaluate… View Post

Good Habits: Think Positive!

(image via Rookie here) Friends, have you tapped into the power of your thoughts? I read this fantastic post on Rookie a while ago and bookmarked it because I felt it was really special and intimate. The author of the post, Pixie, shares her personal experience with positive affirmations and I found her realizations after genuinely trying to put them into practice quite profound. I feel positive affirmations get a bit of bad rap for being hokey and trite. But… View Post

Good Habits: How to Recycle Lots of Things

(image source, also a great article on recycling) Monday was Earth Day and all week long people have been celebrating this beautiful remarkable planet we all call home. I thought a great way to celebrate Earth week would be to share some ways to keep our planet a little cleaner by recycling! Recycle Old Cell Phones Do you have a little graveyard of old phones? There are several great places to donate your cell phone here are a two of… View Post

Good Habits: Spring Clean-Tackle Your Mail Clutter

(photo source) So if you’re one of those people who have always been diligent with paperwork, let me just tell you I’m a little jealous because this is an area I’ve always struggled with. But I’m getting into better habits to tame the paper monster that work better for my lifestyle and I thought it would be a good time to share. Stop the Junk Before It Starts Go paperless!! We are in the future and you can receive most… View Post

Good Habits: Take a Break

(image source) Happy Friday dears! I have a very real urge to print this out and frame it in my home because I am definitely one of those people who have to remind myself that it’s okay to relax. We all not only need to take breaks but we deserve them . So this weekend I’ve decided to treat myself to at least two of these breaks! How about you? View Post

Fall Into Good Habits: Organize Feeds with Bloglovin’

So I mentioned that I was going to make Fall Into Good Habits a recurring theme on made-to-travel and I meant it! And the first good habit I wanted to share in my new year is near and dear…reading blogs! I have to confess until very recently I would not give up my Google Reader. But opening my Google Reader always felt very overwhelming to me, I think this was because it’s naturally text based and I subscribe to nearly… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits: No Expectations

Hi friends! In this Fall Into Good Habits, I want to share some advice that really changed my life. I went to an event a couple of years ago where the inspiring Lissa Rankin spoke on getting out of your own way and living life fearlessly and she said the above words to us. Now what does “do your best and release expectation” mean? It means try not to be focused on the outcome…make your goals the process. Investing your… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits: Be Happy

(click image for source) Hi friends! So I have some special people in my life that have gone thru kind of drastic life changes, and it has nothing to do with getting a new job, or getting married, or having babies, or moving…it literally has to do with happiness and making the decision to be happy. I think it’s interesting that happiness can be a goal and you’re chasing it like it’s a job, meanwhile we always always have the… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits-Tips to Get Things Done!

Hi friends! So in this edition of Fall Into Good Habits, I want to share a couple of tricks I have on getting things done. My mind naturally wanders and with family, working full-time, boyfriend, friends and writing made-to-travel, I’ve had to find a way to get into the habit of managing my time effectively while keeping my sanity! On some weeks one thing takes over and on other weeks I see myself slipping into my wandering ways, but when… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits-My First Cleanse!: Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Review

I’ve always been a bit wary of cleanses. I do like the idea of being really thoughtful about what’s going in your body and kind of cleansing your system, however I’ve heard stories of just straight misery on cleanses and I felt like I don’t have the time to be miserable! But then along came an email from the people at Kaeng Raeng. A few things appealed to me about this cleanse. Kaeng Raeng is vegan, all natural, made in… View Post

Ethical Shopping 101: Small Steps to Being a More Conscious Consumer

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing the process that has helped me become a conscious consumer with this Ethical Shopping 101. If you’ve just started to think of shopping ethically you may feel a little daunted about how to start and what to do! And hopefully this installment of Good Habits will help you on your way. It is massively important that you know I’m not perfect (shocking)! This is the method that works for me and my values and honestly… View Post